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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ushi Interviews Frandy

Too Funny!

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Anonymous said...

My apologies for not posting on the blog sooner. Please, let me explain. As much as I hate garrulous antagonists, I hate Ivan Basso even more, especially when he tries to corrupt our youth. As you read this post, bear in mind that there are many points of general dissatisfaction and dispute that should not, on any account, be overlooked in the discussion of the subjects here presented. One of these is that my cause is to increase awareness and understanding of our similarities and differences. I call upon men and women from all walks of life to support my cause with their life-affirming eloquence and indomitable spirit of human decency and moral righteousness. Only then will the whole world realize that the last time I told Basso's rank-and-file followers that I want to get my message about Basso out to the world they declared in response, "But Basso's beliefs are our final line of defense against tyrrany." Of course, they didn't use exactly those words, but that's exactly what they meant.

Basso has been selling otherwise perfectly reasonable people the idée fixe that he is the most recent incarnation of the Buddha. We need to have long memories and no forgiveness of that sort of behavior. Instead, we must fight scurrility and slander. This is not to say that his idea of a good time is to acquire power and use it to indoctrinate unmannerly rotters. It is merely to point out that if he feels ridiculed by all the attention my letters are bringing him, then that's just too darn bad. Basso's arrogance has brought this upon himself.

Basso has announced his intentions to destabilize the already volatile social fabric that he purportedly aims to save. While doing so may earn Basso a gold star from the mush-for-brains irrationalism crowd, his bedfellows have been running around recently trying to lead us, lemminglike, over the precipice of self-destruction. Meanwhile, Basso has been preparing to encourage a deadly acceptance of intolerance. The whole episode smacks of a carefully orchestrated operation. If you ask me, Basso claims that society will benefit if he goes ahead with his plan to tear down all theoretical frameworks for addressing the issue. That's like pulling up a plant to see how the roots are doing. It also proves that Basso is oblivious to the fact that he seems unable to think of turns of speech that aren't hackneyed. What really grates on my nerves, however, is that Basso's prose consists less of words chosen for the sake of their meaning than of phrases tacked together like the sections of a prefabricated henhouse.

The irony is that Basso's most damnable cop-outs are also his most short-sighted. As the French say, "Les extremes se touchent." Who among you reading these words is not moved to reveal some shocking facts about Basso's magic-bullet explanations? Even when Basso isn't lying, he's using facts, emphasizing facts, bearing down on facts, sliding off facts, quietly ignoring facts, and, above all, interpreting facts in a way that will enable him to force us to adopt rigid social roles that compromise our inner code of ethics. Before I continue, let me state that in order to solve the big problems with him we must first understand these problems, and to understand them, we must burn away social illness, exploitation, and human suffering.

Am I the only one who makes that observation? Of course not. But perhaps I express it more directly, more candidly, and far less euphemistically than most. I shall not argue that Basso's newsgroup postings are an authentic map of his plan to renege on an incredibly large number of promises. Read them and see for yourself. To close, let me accentuate that if we shoo Ivan Basso away like the annoying bug that he is we shall not only survive Basso's attacks; we shall prevail.

~The Truth~