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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cadel- Afraid of thunder, and Schlecks

Even with Carbon Oakleys this is one ugly dood!

OK folks, let me preface this with the following: Cadel won the Tour fair and square, he did a great job and he definitely earned it. There..... now onto business.

Cadel is most definitely not happy with BMC's recent acquisition, Thor Husholvd. Cadel Evans Warns Thor Hushovd to SHOVE OFF!!!!!!! I thought I had begun to see the "kinder, gentler" Cadel in the 2011 Tour. Not to be. His irritating paranoia and grating personality has come to the forefront yet again. You'd think he'd like a teammate to wear yellow for a while. Takes the pressure of those pre/post race interviews (where he is always sooooo awkward- and sometimes violent) off of the squeaky voiced Aussie dingo eating baby. But noooooooooooo, Cadel gets all ramped up about having Thor on the team. See below for part one of an EXCLUSIVE series of interviews that Andy Schleck Best Bike Racer in the Universe Blog has obtained with little Cuddles.

I hadn't realized the tension between Mr. Shaved Sideburns Vaughters and The God of Thunder was building ever since 2011 Paris Roubaix when Thor was stuck in the group with Fabulous Cancellara, behind Johan Van Summeren; and JV (understandably) wouldn't let Thor chase his teammate down. Bad blood and grudges have apparently been a factor between Thor and the Argyle's fearless leader ever since.

Back to Cadel-- The Herald Sun says, "Evans' uncompromising attitude relates to his troubled stint at Belgian team Lotto, where the support was split between him and fellow Australian Robbie McEwen, a superstar sprinter who won 12 stages of the Tour. Eventually the situation became untenable and both left the team within a year of each other."

Translated that says-- Cadel became unbearable for everyone remotely related to him within Team Lotto and they told him to bugger off or they would stick him in the luggage compartment of the Team bus.

My point here is this: GET OVER IT CADEL YOU BIG CRYBABY!

On to the USA Pro Cycling Challenge-- Cadel is downplaying what he might be able to do at this particular race. He's blaming it on alcohol (I mean altitude,) travel and fact that both Schleckettes will be there. See it's like this; altitude does not effect the best bike racer in the universe. Andy can ride in zero gravity so the uphill Time Trial at USAPCC is definitely going to work in his favor. (He really does need to work on his celestial TT skills though.)


PART ONE OF..............

CLICK HERE FOR INTERVIEW! Yes we know that Cadel sounds like a badly played Monty Python character. It is what it is.

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sansen said...

At this rate Thor may seek to upstart another Viking team to execute revenge on his ex-teammates.