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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Best TdF Stream

Live streaming - 4J1fzFFW39JImtK

This is the best English TdF Stream I have found. Go go go Garmin and Leey-o-pard Trek!


~ The Truth ~ said...

Please forgive me for being away from the blog for so long. I occasionally receive inquiries from people who have read my previous letters and want to know why I avouch that Samuel Sánchez serves as a conduit that carries the élan vital of serfism. I always try to answer such inquiries to the best of my ability and that's precisely what I'm about to do now. With this letter, I hope to expose injustice and puncture prejudice. But first, I would like to make the following introductory remark: There is no place in this country where we are safe from Sammy's admirers, no place where we are not targeted for hatred and attack.

Clearly, Sammy uses highfalutin terms like "philosophicotheological" and "pseudoconglomeration" to conceal his plans to fund a vast web of incomprehensible, filthy radicals, malevolent vagabonds, and headstrong quiddlers. In this scheme of his, a mass of grandiloquent words falls upon the facts like soft snow, blurring the outlines and covering up all the details. We become unable to see that Sammy had previously claimed that he had no intention to develop a credible pretext to forcibly silence his adversaries. Of course, shortly thereafter, that's exactly what he did. Next, he denied that he would guarantee the destruction of anything that looks like a vital community. We all know what happened then. Now, Sammy would have us believe he'd never ever harm others or even instill the fear of harm. Will he? Go figure. My view is that Sammy's apothegms were never about tolerance and equality. That was just window dressing for the "innocents". Rather, we can't stop Sammy overnight. It takes time, patience and experience to cast a gimlet eye on Sammy's refrains.

Sammy's claim that the world's salvation comes from whims, irrationality, and delusions is factually unsupported and politically motivated. Over the years, I've enjoyed a number of genuinely pleasurable (and pleasurably genuine) conversations with a variety of people who understand that I need to spend some time considering how best to find more constructive contexts in which to work toward resolving conflicts. In one such conversation, someone pointed out to me that Sammy's cat's-paws all look like Sammy, think like Sammy, act like Sammy, and give an air of scientific impartiality to biased judgments, just like Sammy does. And all this in the name of—let me see if I can get their propaganda straight—brotherhood and service. Ha!

Sammy says that he needs a little more time to clean up his act. As far as I'm concerned, Sammy's time has run out. He winds up on the wrong side of every important issue. Ergo, his idolators say, "Sammy's anecdotes will spread enlightenment to the masses, nurture democracy, reestablish the bonds of community, bring us closer to God, and generally work to the betterment of Man and society." Yes, I'm afraid they really do talk like that. It's the only way for them to conceal that rigid adherence to dogmatic purity will lead only to disunity while we clearly need unity to supply the missing ingredient that could stop the worldwide slide into prætorianism. In summary, it is my prayer that people everywhere will join me in my quest to tell Sammy Sánchez where he can stick it.

Mendip5000 said...

Come back - I miss you. It's not as if I have anything left to say - or perhaps that's both of us.

Incidently the word verification I have to enter below is "trier"