Whose Gloucester video is better?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Today's Cyclocross is for GIRLIE MEN!

LMAO! The best part is when they chuck their bikes as far as they can across this really deep river- jump down the like 6 foot bank, retrieve bike, and scramble up other side's 6 foot bank! Check out the dood who chucks his bike and almost boinks another guy who is across the river.

The vid's title says 1950 Cyclocross Race, but the commentator says it's 1960. Either way, it's a far cry from today's namby pamby boys!

Just kidding Crossers. I love ya! And I know that if you're not puking at the end of a race you didn't go hard enough!


Anonymous said...

Maggie, my pet: can you answer me a question? Do Cyclocross chaps shave their leggies, as road racers do?

Anonymous said...

They certainly do cougar girl. As with roadies not only does shave-ed legs help aerodynamically speaking, moreover, it allows for easier treatment of nasty road rash. Additionally, shave-Ed legs enhances the effect of the embrocation (mild through wild) that crossers apply to their lower extremities. When applying and using such embrocative lotions we refer to the lack of leg apparel even in very cold weather as Belgian Knee Warmers.

Feel free to ask any other questions. I am always ready to reply with misinformation and half baked theories.

yours in cycling,


Anonymous said...

LOL! Thanks Maggie, you're a star! Prepare to be quoted....

Have never heard of embrocation for the lower extremities, perhaps I should get some for my own use, then I could wear my shorts for work in winter, instead of having to wear "longs" (joddies, usually) which makes me growl and grumble all through the cold months. (I'm a professional gardener so I work outside all year round.)

It sounds like just the thing for me!

Do our road cycling buddies use it? If so, then aha, there might be a job opening in the newly formed Lux Pro Whatever We Call Them We Like Them Team... shall I get you an application form while I'm there? (joking)