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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Who is telling the truth?

Andy Schleck and Stuart O’Grady Were Very Drunk | CyclingFan.net

Besides "The Truth," that is.

2 beers each? Or very drunk? Your opinions fangirls?


Noodles and Waffles said...

Andy is 6'1"-150lbs. and Stuart is 5'9.5"-160lbs. Don't you think they were both a little tipsy after two beers or one beer or ten beers?!?

Anonymous said...

lol, Noodles & Waffles makes a good point. I don't care who is telling the truth. Andy made a mistake (which we'll forgive because he is an adorable puppy dog, oh, and an awesome cyclist), and Bjarne ends up looking petty and bitter.

Sadly, it's Frank that ends up losing out.

If I was to speculate, which I'm about to, I would side with Andy, because he seems like a forthright dude.

T. Booker said...

Hard to say what the true story is. Spanish newspapers have had stories all week about Schleck and O'Grady (and Cancellara)clubbing in Seville, Marbella and Murcia, also. I would guess 5:00 is closer based on the fact that if it was only 1:00, you would think lawyers would have been brought in by now for slander. This is ruining Andy's reputation as well as the reputation of his new team, i.e., forums have said that this is what is going to be expected on the new team...a younger, more fun team.

Emily said...

The tricky thing is, I'm not even sure that Riis DID say they came it at 5. His original quote was mistranslated at first, I think, in that he actually said that it didn't matter if they theoretically came it at 5, or it was one drink or ten, etc. etc. I think people saw the 5am time and ran with it--so it might be hard to counter a claim that Riis never technically made. Honestly the whole thing is so confusing that I have no idea who's telling the truth. It seems silly to me for either Andy or Bjarne to lie, knowing the other could contradict them, but what do I know....

Anyhow, I agree with Shirey--Andy made a mistake, plain and simple, but he's got fans who can forgive so I hope that people will move past this (and that he won't trip up the same way again). Because T. Booker is right too--this could do a lot of damage to his reputation. I guess it...sigh...already has.

annapalooza said...

I'd like the be invited next time. Sheesh.

Cougar Girl said...

Ok I have some questions on this issue:

Firstly, where was Frank? Frandy are that close (crosses fingers), they do most things together: and if Andy and Stuey wanted to talk about Next Season (yay! Go TrekSchlek De Lux!)out of earshot of the hotel, they would have included Frank, wouldn't they?

Secondly: Bjarne, pick up that handbag. Wouldn't you normally have merely fined team members for such an offence?

Thirdly, anyone else have deep and creepy suspicions about Hotel Girl? Andy made a very uncharacteristic Tweet, on Sept 2nd: "I LOVE VUELTA" in capitals, not typical, and why, exactly, would he suddenly love a race in which he's not exactly shining? And why, exactly, are the hotels "awesome"? Did he get off with the chambermaid? Did she follow him, and lure him (with Stuey as chaperone, of course) out of the hotel at 10pm???


An unlikely survivor said...

Ahhh- Cougar Girl brings a good point.....the mysteriously deleted tweets!

They went on the missing list right after posting. hmmmm the plot thickens. Did Andy have a little fling? I believe that actually is legal according to UCI regulations. Maybe Bjarne is just jealous?

Cougar Girl said...

(Don't know about Bjarne being jealous, but I sure as hell am!)

Tell you what made me laugh hysterically about all this: everyone and his dog reported "Schleck and O'Grady dismissed for drinking". Certain rags went for "Schleck and O'Grady booted off" (mutter mutter). Others produced "Schleck booted off Vuelta, oh and some team-mate or other as well."

But The Australian proudly came up with "Saxo Bank drops Sutart O'Grady, and Andy Schleck".

Yay, go Stuey! Great for him to get the headline for a change!

As an aside, loved the way Andy at no time attempted to hide behind "oh, my much senior Aussie ie heavy drinking mate dragged me out for a pint". He was so quick to say that his actions were his responsibility. Gotta love that boy.

Cougar Girl said...

(Oops, sorry Stuey, spelt your name wrong!)

Anonymous said...

I was there and the night was hot and steamy. We did a quinto/saxto (sorry I can't give you the names) but it was quite something. Around approximately 5 AM the boys had enough (sleep etc.) and went to their own rooms.. I felt so specialized it gave me a lot of trek for more. I hope next year we can do the same in Madrid instead of Tarragona. I really love those boys;they have so much endurance, no soccer player come close to them. WOW what a night!!!

Anonymous said...

Excuse, I forgot to tell you, there was quite a difference in age between the boys (23? - 50?). I was impressed by all of them, but the oldest one only whispered and I was a little tired by then, so I fell asleep. Sorry I can't give you more information.