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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Are you kidding me?

So Andy and Stewey were ejected from the 2010 Vuelta today because they had a little drinkie last night.

C'mon Uncle Bjarne! This is sooooo an example of sour grapes on your part. "If you're not going to play on my team any more then you can take your bike and go home!" Sounds like my 8th graders.

Anyhow, whatever..... WE all KNOW that Andy Schleck is the BEST BIKE RACER IN THE UNIVERSE!!! Team Lux will kick Saxo's (or sunstrand or whatever the heck you are next year) mama's butt!

And now that Fabulous is possibly up for grabs at the discounted price of 3 mil- you are hit Bjarne. And you know it.

NAH NAH NAH nanana! :P

PS Barscott- you are just weird- and yes I know that it takes one to know one.


sansen said...

I wonder if Uncle Bjarne would use three million euros to cure his chronic baldness unless he prefers personality transplants to give him charisma.

An unlikely survivor said...

I'm wondering if we can get enough fan girls to pony up and buy Fabulous for ourselves? Could be like a time share.

You read this crazy article on razor sideburn, metrosexual boy?

Reminds me of the unsinkable Molly Brown.


Anonymous said...

Andy Schleck is nothing but an unprofessional stupid boy.

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