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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Green Mountain Cyclocross 2010

Jon, Cliff and Dave's awesome adventure.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"This just in...."

So the rumor mill cranks away with a new report that Fabulous Cancellara will be joining the Brothers Schleck on the new Team Lux - which has yet to reveal a major sponsor.

THIS JUST IN: Fabian Cancellara has announced that in addition to moving on from Saxo Bank and Bjarne Riis, in order to sign with the Schleck brothers' Luxembourgian team with "as yet unnamed sponsor", he will be bringing his own mechanic, technical advisor, and soigneur staff.

Cancellara's personal mechanic will be one James Watt, a little-known Scottish inventor, entrepreneur, and "mechanical genius", according to multiple sources.

Technical advisor to the Swiss world TT champion will be Michael Faraday, a former lab assistant in London turned scientist, with a CV showing several major accomplishments, including something called "electrical induction", which is said to have paved the way for the generator and electric motor.

The soigneur staff for the fabulous Swiss will be overseen by Canadian doctor Anthony Galea. Galea, known for providing unspecified assistance to Tiger Woods, Alex Rodriguez, and other accomplished athletes in North America, will be plying his trade primarily in Europe starting with his involvement with Cancellara.

Rumors that the primary team sponsor is to be General Electric are unconfirmed at this time.

JK- Fabulous we love you!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Who is telling the truth?

Andy Schleck and Stuart O’Grady Were Very Drunk | CyclingFan.net

Besides "The Truth," that is.

2 beers each? Or very drunk? Your opinions fangirls?

Are you kidding me?

So Andy and Stewey were ejected from the 2010 Vuelta today because they had a little drinkie last night.

C'mon Uncle Bjarne! This is sooooo an example of sour grapes on your part. "If you're not going to play on my team any more then you can take your bike and go home!" Sounds like my 8th graders.

Anyhow, whatever..... WE all KNOW that Andy Schleck is the BEST BIKE RACER IN THE UNIVERSE!!! Team Lux will kick Saxo's (or sunstrand or whatever the heck you are next year) mama's butt!

And now that Fabulous is possibly up for grabs at the discounted price of 3 mil- you are hit Bjarne. And you know it.

NAH NAH NAH nanana! :P

PS Barscott- you are just weird- and yes I know that it takes one to know one.