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Monday, August 2, 2010

This has nothing to do with Andy, but it does have to do with TOCatskills

HOLY CRAP!!!!! This incredibly scary incident happened during the Cat 4 race at last week's Tour of the Catskills here in New England.

First of all; why the hell were horses on the damn course????? SMH!

Second of all; is the dood who got knocked into the ditch by the freaked out horse OK?

Third of all; what's up with the dood in the Kessena kit at 41 seconds who just takes off? City boy..pfft!

Fourth of all; why are the horse riders wearing cowboy hats? Let me remind you WE'RE IN NEW ENGLAND NOT TEXAS!!!!!

Fifth of all; did the peloton just take off and leave that poor dood in the ditch with a horse hoof imprinted on his helmet?

Sixth of all; Where were the damn officials????? Where the damn Marshalls?

Seventh of all; I wonder how far back that was in the field? And which field it was, A or B? Because we know a dood, Dennis Demarais, who got 18th in cat 4 and he didn't say nothin' bout no horses attacking the peloton.

8th of all; I just noticed the dood on the left who totally got trampled by the equine invasion! Jumpin' Jehozafat! I was all worried about the dood who got bumped by the horses butt into the ditch on the right side. The dood on the left looks like he could have sustained more damage.

This is just really bizarre.

Note to Race Organizers (and horseback riders)- When planning a major bike race or a leisurely horseback ride- check to see if #insertbikeracenamehere or #inserthorsebackride here is taking place on the same roads at the same time.

For what it's worth Freaky Floyd Landis (aka Lloyd Flanders) came in 11th in the pro race. After seeing the pros struggling up Devil's Kitchen Jon is glad he opted out this year. BRU-TAL! Below are the pros in "the Kitchen" Floyd is about a min back. (loser)


annapalooza said...

Okay. Have to admit, I totally laughed when the dude got ass checked into the trees. He was like, do do do, I'll just go around the horses and be safe- WABAHM! Horse butt attack!

I do hope he's okay. But it caught me a little off guard. The guy who looked like he was getting trampled in the middle of the road was scary though.

An unlikely survivor said...

Truly classic! What'd ya think of Floyd Landis getting his ass checked in the Devil's Kitchen? The boy needs dope!

An unlikely survivor said...

Oh yeah- Annapalooza- you checking out any NACT out your way this year in Seattle and Issaquah?


If you haven't experienced 'Cross you haven't lived! Bring a cowbell!

Anonymous said...

New York is not in New England!

Anonymous said...

Closer to NE than to Texas db