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Monday, August 30, 2010

Garmin Cervelo?????

Print out the pic above and start shooting darts to decide who will "Transition" to Garmin.

So the Argyles are going to merge with the Cervelos, eh? Yes Cervelo has a Woman's squad. Whoop de doo. Only reason (IMHO) why Cervelo couldn't fly on their own is because all they sell are bikes. They needed to sell bike chachka to be a viable operation. Gone are the days when pro tour teams are sponsored by...well...bike companies.

You know Tyler Farrar spit POM juice all over himself when he heard the god of thunder was going to be rumbling in his direction. Here's what creepy sideburn-hipster glasses-turtle neck wearing JV says. “I’ve spoken with Tyler about it. At the end of the day I think they are different types of sprinters,”

Who will get the ax on each team?

Here are my pics for riders who will be looking for new teams:

  1. Danny Pate- bye bye Mr. I can't decide on a Twitter Name guy!
  2. Fredrik Kassiakoff- who?
  3. Kirk Carlson- He's a New England boy, so I hate to see him go, but go he will.
  4. Christian Meier- Sorry dood if your one goal this season was "Season Goals: Attempt to set the team record for most bottles transported for team car in one go; overall bottles hauled for the season" then you gots to go!
  5. Matt Wilson- what have you done since 2004, my dear?
From what I hear it's a go that Heinrich Haussler and The God of Thunder will be rolling Argyle in 2011. We all know Sastre has other plans. Riders I'd like to see in the Armade include: Theo Bos, Davide Appolonio, Dan Lloyd (I like him) Ted King, and Dominique Rollin. That's just my wish list. As with all posts to this blog rest assured nothing is based on fact or research.


sansen said...

The true mystery is what will become of Tom Danielson?

Barscott Case said...

Darts you say - a popular sport for those that hang out in bars... or not as the case may be?