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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ryder's on a roll

Ryder's on a roll

Who woulda thunk it? Certainly not I. Still can't pronounce or spell Ryder's last name, but he is certainly proving to rock at the 2010 TdF! A Canadian no less! I thought they all played hockey- who knew?

Here's hoping he can hand evil Cuddles his A$$ in a musette as the Tour continues to unfold. My prediction--Ryder will be top 5.

Top 10 predictions:
1. Andy Schleck
2. Alberto Contador
3. Wiggo (yes he will make a miraculous come back)
4. Ryder Hesjesjesedjesjal
5. Evil Vino
6. Cuddles
7. Daivid Millah
8. Smiley Menchov
9. Gerant Thomas (not sure he can hang til the end)
10. Chris Horner (I know- a long shot, but I like him)

*note- there is no Lance in the above list

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FYI, New York State is not in New England.