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Monday, July 12, 2010

Review and Reflect

AFP photo
Andy's first TdF Stage win! Stage 8, July 11, 2010. Killed it in the Cols!

ANDY......SCHLECK.....IS......THE.....BEST......BIKE.....RACER.....IN......THE.......UNIVERSE!!!! He is 20 seconds behind Cuddles Evans and shaved 10 seconds off Cuddles' previous lead. Enjoy yellow for a while, Cuddles, a very short while, because Andy Schleck will be wearing it on the Champs! Contador was no match for Andy's attack--the other big names watched in wonder, awe and perplexity.

Now on to other happenings.

Lance has popped. Yesterday demonstrated that he is now in a support roll for Levi the Littlest Robot. No amount of massage, Cavendish Bananas, or blood bags (thank for your offer anyway, Dr. Fuentes) is going to get Lance back into any kind of position to even make the top 10. I thought I would be jumping up and down with glee, but I'm actually kind of teary eyed. NOT!!!!!

photo of the week

Really though, the dood is a legend and the only cyclist that non cyclists and non cycling fans have even heard of. Can't wait for "The End of an Era" special I see coming on Versus with Phil and Paul. Possibly today. Must check TV listings. Below is a crappy video of one of Lance's many crashes yesterday. This is the one on the round-a-bout If I wasn't lazy I would search for vid of the mountain top crash. What was that all about??? Seriously, who crashes on TOP of a mountain?

I do have a sneaky suspicion though- my gut says Lance will throw in the towel before the end of le Tour. I'm willing to take bets. Any takers?

Below: 3 Lance crashes in SloMo including the mountain-top fender bender with the Euskatel dood 13K from finish. If you watch the last crash closely you can see that Sorensen's leg actually kept Lance from going down on to the Euskatel dood. Lance puts his hands on hips and immediately called his assistant, Alphonse.

LA: "Alphonse, get Euskatel on the horn and tell them NO MORE musettes--only bananas! Oh yeah and send Sorenson a Livestrong wristband. The kid took the fall for me. Oh yeah- you can clear up my schedule for the next two weeks I'll be free."

Next up---Poor Robbie McEwen! This dood has been put through the hamburger grinder in the 2010 Tour! Really can't blame him for his vulgarity after some dumb ass journalist jumped in front of him AFTER THE FINISH LINE on July 9. Vid below- just the first min or so- after that it's a Cavendish Banana Mush Festival which you can choose to watch or turn off at your pleasure.

On to-- "That Fight" Below are some quick vids from a couple of different angles. Carlos Barredo (QuickStep) and Rui Costa (Caisse D'Epargne) just cracked me up on multiple levels. First of all, the wheel smack was classic. Who thinks of a bicycle wheel as a weapon in a "spontaneous" brawl? It reminded me of a bitch slap minus the flying weave. The last video shows other riders reactions to "That Fight" and is highly amusing. "Two little hill climbers having a slap fest!"

Above: Angle 1

Above: Angle 2

Below are some responses to "That Fight" that are just flippin Hilarious!

Enjoy the rest day! Get some work done for god's sake! You've been sitting in front of that computer screen and/or TV for 2 weeks straight! Go outside and work on your cyclist tanlines!

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