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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's the Andy and Albert SSHHOOOOW!

"How come no one will help me zip this damn Yellow Jersey up? Geez, I just killed myself today! Can someone do me a solid?"

OK Schleck Fans- here's the plan. Andy has to chip away at Alberto Contador a little bit each day. I figure he needs 2:30 over AC going into the final TT to have some wiggle room. That's 100 more seconds. 10 seconds a day kiddo, doable? Hell yeah!

It is officially the Andy and Alberto show now folks. I know I know- some of you will say "Wait a minute! There're like 10 stages left! Le Tour is not fin!" Well it is for a certain Cuddly Australian. Wiggo is in the maybe I can get a stage win mentality. Basso is like "Hey, I already won one GT this year, WTF?" The only potential, possible, yet very unlikely threats come from the dour russian and the littlest robot. From here on out we're going to see AS and AC duking it out on a daily basis.

Andy has already shown that Contador is fallible. AC cracked on Stage 8 and could not match Andy's accelerating attack. Now we need to see Andy taking advantage of that on a daily if not minutely basis. I'm thinking prank phone calls to AC's room at all hours. Knocks on the door at 3AM that say "Doping Control" Contacor answers the door in his skivvies and a group of Schleck fans yell "Just kidding!" Mind games- that's what is going to decide this tour.

I was actually sorry to see Cuddles pop today. As usual he did it in a dramatic fashion. Yes he has a broken elbow, but hell, I gave birth to a child and I didn't cry. Geez. Show some restraint there dood.

Thanks a lot Steephill.tv/Reuters I really need this image in my head. Shloogs were out in force today, folks.

Gotta give some props to big Jensie Voigt. He made the initial break so that he could fall back to help Schleckette on the Madeleine. Good show Jens. JV "When the mind says I am too tired I need to stop, I just say shut up mind! Don't listen, legs! You keep pedaling!" JV= the godfather of the peloton!

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