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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

If it's a rule; why don't they write it down????

So again we have the German....errrr Flemish doods commentating in the vid above, but you get the picture.

Andy was leaving Alberto Contador, Smiley Menchov and Sammy S. in the dust with his attack on the hors cat Port du Bales. Pop goes his chain ring and WHAMMO Contador and the two battling for a podium position say "See you in Bagnères-de-Luchon, Andy boy. We're OUTTA here!" Andy mumbles obscenities under his breath about how you just can trust "Damn Spaniards and Russians" gets his bike sorted and off he goes.

Before we get all hot and bothered; let's do the math. I counted 32 seconds from the time the chain went to the time Andy was back on his bike (and I think I was being conservative.) Let's add another 10 seconds to Andy's conundrum as he gets back on the bike, feels it out, and actually gets moving again, OK?

Contador started the day 31 seconds down on young Schleckette. He had no Andy either on his wheel or off in the distance in front of him for the last like 10K of the stage. AC ended the day 8 seconds ahead of Andy. So Andy lost (at least) 42 seconds to his mechanical. Now subtract 31 from 42 (that leaves us with 11 seconds -for the math challenged among us.) Contador's current lead is 8 seconds, so Andy ACTUALLY MADE UP 3 SECONDS to the sneaky Spaniard. This means he royally kicked A$$ in the face of adversity and messed up mechanicals. (Wanna bet some mechanic in the Saxo team went home yesterday without a reference?)

ANDY SCHLECK IS THE BEST BIKE RACER IN THE UNIVERSE!!! (But I have never said he is the best Time Trialist in the Universe, so he really needs to be on point today and Thursday to get some serious time on Conty. I'm talking like 3 minutes!!!

Now let's talk about unwritten rules. Now as an "ugly American" I am exposed to other sports that do not have such chivalric "unwritten rules". For example, in Ultimate Fighting Challenge; if your competitor goes down you immediately step on his neck and crush him. In just about any other sport the "rule" is; if your opponent has a problem; ATTACK and KILL HIM!

However, I am not a fan of other sports. I am a fan of cycling where there are these "unwritten rules" of etiquette. But in this case, I have to admit I am torn. I think I am kind of siding with Twisted Spoke who says "one man’s mechanical is another man’s yellow jersey." And that yeah- there's a score to settle, but this Tour is running out of mountains.

Contador says that he did not realize the Yellow Jersey (Andy Schleck) had a mechanical. Huh??...he didn't see this six foot dood all in yellow (who he has been watching like a hawk since day 1) having chain problems on the side of the road? If you look at the vid- you see that Evil Vino (who I might have to rename) sat up immediately when he saw that Andy had a problem. Meanwhile Contador chose to attack.

The post race interview with Schleckette shows that he is righteously PISSED OFF! He has "anger in his stomach." (interesting place to have anger- I hope he transfers some of that anger to his legs today and Thursday.) My predictions include Jens FA Voigt drinking EXTRA coffee during the next two days and being a hugely pissed off mother bear protecting her cub. Jens will attack ANY HUMAN who even tries to mess with Andy the cublet.

Andy, on the other hand, will show us why he was dubbed "cycling caviar" in the 2008 TdF. Yes, he will be seeking revenge- BIG TIME- from here on out. From this day forward it is - ANYTHING GOES! "Hey Alberto! Your shoelace is untied...just kidding! You have a booger in your nose.....just kidding! What's the matter with your back wheel?? just kidding!" All rules- written or unwritten are set aside now, folks! The Saxos are OUT FOR BLOOD! And Astana will try to match them- blow for blow.

Back to "unwritten rules" If Contador didn't feel he had done something "unsportsman-like" why would he put out this youtube apology (above) to Andy last night??????? He knows that if wins this tour it will be tainted in many people's eyes because of Stage 15. (And his taint will be tainted, too, totally!) He didn't much like getting booed as he donned the yellow jersey yesterday.

Back to rules-- If it's not written down it's not a rule--it's a suggestion-- and a suggestion doesn't even hold the same weight as the warning label on my cup of McDonalds Coffee.

On the other hand, the group was pretty much the main contenders. Should they have waited for the yellow jersey..........? Well, that is still up in the air, but they SHOULD have maybe just maintained the same tempo and NOT have gone full bore to KILL Andy! Shame on you guys, Alberto, Denis and Sammy! This is probably the only sport left that is based solely on athleticism and ability, and even has an "unwritten" code of ethics. Let's not devolve into (insert any ball sport here)

Let's watch the fireworks today and see what happens.

"Nuff Said


Barscott Case said...

This will probably fall on deaf ears BUT if Andy is so good then he needs to add descending to his skill set. He was within 13 seconds on alberto on the climb and fell back to his sorry 42 seconds deficit on the descent. Just maths - nothing personal.

An unlikely survivor said...

You misseth the point, Troll.

Anonymous said...

@ Barscott: Contador isn't a good descenders either! 1. He was following Sam Sanchez who is one of the best descenders in the tour, 2. There were 3 people working against 1.

Barscott Case said...

@ Unlikely: So, I disagree with you - I must be a troll. Hmmm. Best get on with it then.

Can I mention Andy exploiting Contador being detained behind a crash in a crash on Stage 4 (I think?)? No, thought not.

The trouble with having an idol is that you keep having to overlook the truth to keep them on their lofty perch. Do yourself a favour and turn your beady eye on EVERYONE in the peleton not just everyone, apart from those that ride for Saxobank. (I mean what happens if Jens moves team next year - is he mother seal or big bad killer whale?)

Or is this whole blog just an ironic prank that I have fallen victim to? Ahh now I see why you say I misseth(sic) the point.

@ Anonymous - yes I agree - I'm sure Vino's work was worth a mention too. Good to have your team mates around you when you need them, if you know what I mean. Not sure how 3 people descending is much better than 1 though?

Enjoy your tour.

Christine said...

Oh piss. I wrote a nice long comment and google went and deleted it.

This may sound less polite than before. My apologies.


I don't remember when Alberto got left behind a crash (so I can't give you an opinion about that specific incident, the fault may be andy's) however, the peloton is a dangerous place at all times. The only time a main contender should be in there is maybe to get water, then they should FLEE to the front again where their team can protect them. Anywhere other than on Andy's back tire was probably the wrong place for Contador to be. And possibly why I would say that it was okay for him to be left behind. Just a poor tactical move on Alberto's part.

Also, as a point of information and not an effort to be snotty. Three riders descend better because of their ability to set the pace higher. In a similar way to the breakaways, one rider will set the pace hard, while the other riders get a break and just focus on the back wheel of the rider in front. Since Alberto was in a pack of three, he was able to rotate within the group so that a fresh rider was on the front to push hard on the places they could speed up.

Andy was stuck with Vino and some guy who was so tired he couldn't bother to fart. He did his own pace making, which meant he had to work harder, which meant he ultimately could not go as fast.

So in that case, three riders is stronger than one.

And my final comment point. Idols are supposed to be infallible, silly. They are perfect in the eyes of the person who idolizes them, that's what's important. If everyone had perfect hero's, well, there wouldn't be any hero's at all!

But more importantly, it's just not really any fun to accept flaws of your own idol and strengths of a competitor.

In real life? Absolutely, an essential skill to have.

When you're vicariously living through a race on french television?

Hell. To. The. No.

I'm sure Alberto Contador is a good person, I'm positive he's an excellent rider. Also? He sucks. He SUCKS SO HARD.

It's not because I'm insane, it's because it's just more fun that way. I want to feel the elation Andy feels when he kicks ass tomorrow! I felt the drama when he was about to solidly drop him and the chain fell! I FELT ALIVE!

How would I have felt if I was able to say, in a very sane tone of voice. "Oh, well they're both good guys, I guess it's okay if either wins. I'm just here to watch the scenery."

I think I might be dead if I said something like that. You have passion when you support a rider so blindly that they can do no wrong, and that's exciting, if a little naive.

Also, Jens is so ridiculously AWESOME. There could be nothing but love for that man. But also, he's a worker bee, and I find myself less likely to slash a "us vs. them" on those guys, because they work so hard, every day, so people like Andy and Alberto can get the chicks. And dedication like that isn't something you can hate on.

Plus he just looks like he suffers so much, all the guys on the team look like they're huffing and puffing, but Jens really has that "AUUUUGH. I. WILL. NOT. QUIT." Look of struggle. And that's super fun.

I would like to mention that you put your thoughts together very coherently and I appreciate that on the internet, as it's not very common.

Christine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Christine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Christine said...

I managed to post my comment three times because google told me I hadn't.

And then at the end it said "HAHAHA IDIOT! LOOK NOW!"

I apologize for that.

Anonymous said...

@ Barscott: 3 people working against 1 was a big advantage because the last 20kms was not only downhill. On a 5% downhill slope (and less), you still get the benefit of slipstreaming and thereafter its obviously an advantage to have 3 riders. If you watch the stage again you will notice that Andy lost the most time on the flatter part near the end of the stage. In fact on the steep parts of the descent he was making up time.

You are thinking about the problems on Stage 3, however, this is a completely different scenario. The reason is that Saxobank had already attacked when Contador got held up. Furthermore, Contador was already off the wheel of Saxobank, as is clearly visible in the replays. Therefore the two situations are fundamentally different. You notice how nobody (no professional or someone that knows what hes talking about at least) has said that Andy took advantage of Contador on Stage 3. The reason is that they all know better. One situation led to an outcry and an apology, the other didn't. Think about it ;)

An unlikely survivor said...

Thanks Fangirls! Barfscott- You still Misseth (no sic) the point. Unless it's the one on your head. Dood did you happen to see what the name of the blog is???

And Yes Barfscott this blog is just an elaborate prank. I'd like you to send all of your bank information to xyz666@hotmail.com. I am actually a Liberian banker who would love to give you 10,000$ if you just spot me 500$ first.

Tourmalet part deux will decide who the best bike racer in the universe is. And if it isn't Andy I will not recognize it and will continue the blog with Schleckette as THE BEST BIKE RACER IN THE UNIVERSE!!!! (even if he's not the best descender or TTer.

Anonymous said...

For God's sake people, give Barscott a break! Just because he doesn't agree with you is no reason to crucify him.

annapalooza said...

Er, I think crucify is a little dramatic. Maybe overwhelmed, but well, Barscott did come onto a blog filled with loony rabid Schleck supporters...sooo...I wouldn't really think he made his comments in order to be embraced.

And it's the internet, and he's not one of those sad little flamers who type in all caps. So I think he'll be alright.

Barscott Case said...

Ouch I'm hit... TBH as long as no one on this blog pay doting homage to Lanced Arm = Strong I'm cool with you all ;)

I admire both riders; doesn't make me dull, just grown up. Glad Contador showed he was the bigger man though what with le cadeau and the pat on the cheek.

Good luck Schleklings - I think with Frank to help it would have been easier; so next year will be yours.


Anonymous said...

Go Andy! :)