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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Head Butt that was heard round the world

Above: the 3d head-butt

above: Renshaw messing with Tyler's line. Uncool dood. Uncool.

You can see the head-butting pretty OK above. Below, if you have patience, and you don't mind listening to some German doods who are apparently in love with Bernard Eisel, you can see how Renshaw messes with Tyler F.'s line as well. Here's another vid that shows the head-butt if you're interested.

As Sansen has probably already said somewhere on the interweb, if she can get away from her Tweeting and Quilting Tour. This is going to be Cavendish Banana's latest excuse for how "the establishment" "the men in black" --whoever --are trying to undermine his Tour. Excuse me Mark, but no one gives a rat's butt about your tour. (I do like the dood who holds your umbrella for you during the post-race interviews though.) We only care about the Andy and Albert Show!

BTW- Andy How come you are not taking my advice and adding 10 seconds a day to your lead on Contador?

Mark Renshaw is a putz! (Doucheclamation Point!) Hope he has a good trip home. Now I understand that sprinting is tough and as Sir Phil says "full of argy bargy!" But, Renshaw needs to take his ass back to the sheep farm in New South Wales. Has HTC Columbia begun to think they are above the rules? Plus Renshaw is a BALD FACED LIAR. You tell me that head butting Julian Dean 1-2-yes 3 times is not intentional!!! And messing with Tyler's line? Oh yeah- that was totally "accidental." NOT! At first Kiwi guy, Julian Dean didn't seem to phased, but after watching the overhead he and Tyler (surfer dood) Farrar were righteously pissed.

I agree with the Official that said "This is a Bike Race (for Pete's sake) not a Gladiator's Arena! I didn't see any Christians or lions, did you???"

Shame on you Mark Renshaw! DQ is entirely deserved. To all Trolls!--Don't even try to write a comment that compares Renshaw's actions to those of the two little hill climbers in "That Fight." Renshaw could have taken out a LOT of doods. Barredo and Costa's escapades could have taken out 2-3 people tops.

Renshaw's latest Tweet : Thursday, July 15, 2010 at 4:48 EST
markrenshaw1 I think today's punishment was very harsh. I never imagined that i would ever be dq'd from the tdf. Very disappointed.
Mark Renshaw is a DB!
HTC Columbia are Bananas-Cavendish Bananas!--Nuff Said


The Expatresse said...

Hear, hear! Cavendish would have won the stage without that nastiness.

Anonymous said...

Probably true, but wouldn't be surprised if Garmin protests the win (visions of Thor's protest last year and sugarplums dance in my head)

Trying to watch a vid that says Renshaw's intent and the consequences aren't as clear cut as the everyone thinks, but not available outside UK. AAARRRGGG!


An unlikely survivor

Anonymous said...

The German doods are actually Belgian (Flemish), but other than that I like your blog!

Annelies (from Belgium)