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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Allez Andy!


Because that's who I'm talking about! Andy Schleck won the stage, and is currently 2nd in the GC 20 seconds behind the cuddly Cadel Evans. Not to worry though. Our happy go lucky Schleckette of Luxenbourg will bury Cuddles when the time is right. I'm thinking playing some headgames with Cuddles might be in order for the coming stages. First, Andy can get him mad, then he can start destabilizing the Aussie's confidence. Maybe start with some "your mama" jokes. Follow those with some "I fart in your general direction" Monty Pythonesque derision and Cadel will be biting the head off any fan or journalist within reach. That Credit Lyonaisse Lion will be smacked around some fer sher.

BTW- did anyone else notice that they couldn't get Cuddles off the podium today? Also, bye bye Lance!

Andy baby also showed some cracks in the Contador armor. I mean, c'mon! Alberto had like a dozen doods working for him. Andy had Fulsgang (thank god for Fulsgang!) and he was Fulsgangless for the final kilometers- totally on his own. What does our boy do? Takes a look at AC and says "you coming?" as Schleckette takes off. AC tried to hang and could not do it.

Be strong and conquer young Luxenbourgish Velociraptor! The fangirls of the universe applaud your bubbly beaudaciousness!


Dr Fuentes said...

Maybe Evans could respond with some "Yo Brother" Jokes.
Yo Brother is so dumb the best he could come up with is "training advice" lol

BTW It's good to see the "training advice" is working out well for you too ;)

Anonymous said...

Love Andy. And your blog is very funny. Especially the picture of Andy staring at that girl's chest a while back.

Seeing Andy win today - especially leaving that little piss-ant Contador in the dust - almost makes up for no longer getting my daily dose of yellow jersey podium fabulousness from Fabian C, the God of Biking Perfection.

Well, we all have our preferences. Perhaps I'll get to see fab Fab win another TT stage. But I will be dancing a jig if Andy Boy wins the race! His commercial - "Wrestling is for guhls" - won me over!

michaelr747 said...

You could be right about Schleck but for mine Cadel looks more mature with some good reasons to take the race out. I am going with Cadel on this one.
Michael Rogers

The Expatresse said...

Andy was cool as a cucumber during the final few kms, wasn't he? I thought it looked like he was enjoying himself . . . a nice Sunday bike ride. While AC was working.

Then there's Lance. Alas. I never expected him to win anything this year, and maybe he can recover some time. But he looked old. :-(

An unlikely survivor said...

OMG! As in like THE Mick Rogers????? Shouldn't you be out like.... cycling or something????? I know it's a rest day and all. Cheers mate!