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Monday, June 14, 2010

Name this nut

Love this dood!

Also pick your nine riders for SaxoBank and Garmin for TdF! Let's see how we do.

My pics:

  1. Christian VdV
  2. Dave Millar
  3. Tyler Farrar
  4. Julian Dean
  5. Dan Martin
  6. Martin Maaskant
  7. Dave Zabriskie
  8. Ryder Hesjedal
  9. Tommy Danielson (kind of iffy with Tommy D)

  1. Frandy
  2. Frandy
  3. Jens FA Voigt
  4. Fabulous Fabian
  5. Matti Breschel
  6. One Sorenson
  7. Stewey O'Grady
  8. Kasper (the friendly ghost) Klostergard
  9. drum roll........Gustav Larson
I have no idea what I'm talking about, but who knows. Throw some names out there folks. Or feel free to challenge any of my picks :P

1 comment:

sansen said...

The Schlecks could substitute Stewie the Dog for Stuey O'Grady since cycling is the family business.