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Monday, June 14, 2010


YES! Our second favorite, twigs for arms, Brother of the Family Schleck took Stage 3 of Tour de Suisse today! The Best Bike Racer in the Universe (who I believe has arms that are even more twig-like than Frank's is only down 19 seconds! Go Schlecks! Sad to hear that Frankie lost his prescription Oakleys on stage 2 though. I feel ya brah. Lost my half tracks the other day. Had to order 2 more pairs just to overcompensate. Why do I feel like I should either be from New Jersey or Europe by sporting Oakleys? They're just sooo cool I guess.

More good news is that VDV, despite having me worried for the past two days has radically moved up in the GC. Go Christian!

Had to get the newly released Oakley Jupiter.

see new oakleys above

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