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Monday, June 7, 2010

2010 Philadelphia International Championship

156 miles 6 1/2 hours.

1. Matthew Goss (Aus) HTC Columbia
2. Peter Sagan Leakygas
3. Alexander Kristoff BMC

We tooled around a bit on Saturday and I purchased a new bike (above) A radical, hipster fixie with the handlebars already to precise bike messenger wannabe dimensions and cards already in the spokes. SWEEEET ride! NOT!

Don't worry- I'll get to the race report, but I'd like to share a pic of my beautiful family first. Left to right- Jon (hubby) Lynn (kid) J-Dawg (kid's awesome BF- he received many compliments from the drunken "Yunkers" on his "Bad Ass" T-Shirt which is a morph of the "Phlyers" and the "Phillies"

Here we're just trying to let the spray of the fountain cool us off from the egg frying heat that defined Phi-Town yesterday.

Random: Daniel Oss (Leakygas) has a kickin' mullet!

It was a hot and steamy day-Did I already mention that?

Not sure if this is Caleb Fairley or Alex Howes of the Garmin/USA Development Squad. If it's Caleb- Kudos Bro- you hung in there and made an awesome effort at the end!

The pic above gives you an idea of what it means to climb "the Wall" The Manayunk Wall has a 17% grade and these doods had to conquer it 10 times yesterday. We saw this one woman pro on her 2nd lap. She was off the back and was looking to the crowd and begging for water. I couldn't get to the pack in time and all the Yunkers could offer her was beer. I think she got dropped.

Jelly Belly's Will Routley was total awesomeness yesterday! He had a 5 minute solo lead for the big laps 6-9. When they got to the smaller laps at the end- where it's a quick circuit from the Art Museum up through Lemon Hill and back- he got swallowed up by the remains of the peloton and shit out the back totally fried. He says he drank 17 bottles of water yesterday. Dood- all I can say is "Respect! West Side!"

One thing that ticked me off was that Will should have won the 5,000$ Sprint Prime from Sugar Shack Casino, instead he took 2nd for the 3,000$ Prime. Unfortunately, Bahati Foundation's wheel sucking Cesar Augusto Grajales refused to work with the chasing group of 4 and totally sucked wheel to put his man, Nathan O'Neil ahead of Will to win the prime. Grajales' wheel sucking tactic also allowed him to take KOM classification with Will Routley taking second. IMHO Grajales is kind of a punk.

Mike Friedman (formerly of Garmin- currently of Jelly Belly-above) seriously kicked it yesterday. He was in the first group (the peloton had shattered into 3) for the whole race. There was a bunch sprint of 67 doods at the end and he took 11th. Go Meatball! You rocketh in my booketh.

Listen to this. 145 doods started this race- 67 finished it. Our bud Adam Myerson punctured on the descent from "The Wall" on the 8th lap I think. Rahsaan Bahati made 8 big laps and DNFd. Says he was happy he made that many as he really wasn't shaped up for it. 4 Leakygas doods dropped. They had just finished training in the mountains of Italia and arrived on Friday night. Jet lag + altitude change killed them. But, they did their job until the 8th lap and got their boy Peter Sagan on the podium. Personally, I had picked him to win.

So all in all an awesome day! Here's an early invite to all fan girls! Sansen, Helen, Nikki- I am talking to YOU! Come on out for 2011. You can crash at my kid's pad like we do. This is THE premier one-day race in the U.S. You GOTTA come next year!

Now for my yearly Lame video. Music by The Legendary Shack Shakers. Photos by Lynn. Shaky video by moi.


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It's Andy's birthday today. So says Lance on Facebook.

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Um, inviting me anywhere can be an invitation to having the most divatastic houseguest ever.