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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Only Way Amgen on Versus would be Watchable.....

If I still drank Jon and I could play a drinking game where we would take a shot every time Phil or Paul said "Lance Armstrong." We'd be hammered in 20 minutes. Versus coverage is virtually unwatchable.

Seriously someone needs to do a study and count how many times the name is said-the image shown-or in the MANY commercials we see Lance riding his bike on top of a CG generated globe.

Feel bad for Saxo Bank dood who broke his collarbone.

Is Andy becoming good buddies with Tommeke or what? Everytime I see the young Schleck he is yakking with Boonen. I just hope Andy can just say no to coke.

As for Giro- can anyone really get behind Pozzato? I just can't do it.

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