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Monday, May 10, 2010

Nice and Not Nice

Schleck Video ala Anke =NICE!!!!!!

We tink you pretty, Frankie! You have the nice muscles! I like the nasty BBQ too! And Andy- he catches the big fish. Yes? Freakin Hilarious video! Too funny watching them fish all kitted up!

Vino in pink.....bleeeggghhh! How does the universe feel about this? I for one am displeased.

Poor Christian. Please send all of your positive vibrations to the Argyle Leader. Fractured right clavicle- goes in for surgery tomorrow. No more Giro for you young man! Especially no more Stage 3! Fer real though, this guy has had some bum luck with the Italian Tour. Last year in Stage 3 he broke ribs, pelvis, vertebrae, etc. Geez! Imagine a pro baseball player dealing with the sketchiness and danger that our boys in the pro peloton deal with on a daily basis!

The only consolation for this is that I will not be torn between The Giro and the Tour of Cali. Weird only one Schleck Brother racing in Cali- Andy. According to Anke Frank will be racing Tour of Lux.

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Anonymous said...

Haha, love your blog, unlikely survivor!

That fishing video with the Schleck brothers are just a little over the top, isn't it? Haha...life can't be that idyllic, can it, and did you notice the music playing in the background - that's hilarious! Anyway, nice with so many minutes of the Schlecks and nice to see their secret place. Makes you want to move there. (-: