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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Go Tyler! Boo Cuddles!

Call me crazy, a radical, a purist. Call me whatever you want. However, I am one of those who believe that the Tour of Italy should be in well......Italy. Feel the same way about le Tour de France. Since I don't really have a say in the matter I guess "I AMsterdam!"

I am delighted that young Tyler Farrah ( as in Fawcett)- Not Farrer or Farrar won today's stage! Awesome leadout by Dave "I like to chuck my bike sometimes" Millar and Julian "Kiwi Boy" Dean. Hee hee. This video never gets old.

Today's stage was pretty gnarly though. Geez! Versus lame commentators Gogo and Shwanger barely got done discussing one crash when another pile-up went down. Dear Holland, Could you please do something about all that road furniture?

Cuddles took the Maglia Rosa and did some ranking on the peloton. Says he never saw such a bunch of nervous nellies. Whatever dood. I really can't believe Jon likes this guy. He's actually rooting for him for the Giro.

The crashes were fast and furious. Saw many a buttcheek hanging out of a shredded kit. Also saw some crazy ass shloogs. Fave of the day- dood in a full Goalie outfit- close second- dood with a pink speedo who had no business wearing a speedo of any color.

Feel bad for Wiggo. The crashes definitely knocked him off the head of the GC, and I have doubts that he'll be able to make up the time lost today.

My boy VDV is cranking along. He tweeted that he was one of the many who went down today. Please no repeats of last year's Giro, Christian!

I hear the Icelandic Volcano may impact the plans to fly the riders back to Italy this week. Again, not to say I told you so, but IF YOU HAD THE TOUR OF ITALY IN IYALY YOU WOULDN'T HAVE THIS PROBLEM! So there's some flak about how big name teams like Garmin shouldn't be able to ride in their fancy bus while less distinguished and affluent teams will have to hitch a ride with some Deadheads in a VW Microbus from Amsterdam to Italia. It'll be interesting to see if that drama pans out.

Hope the peloton can get their acts together in the next few days and keep the RUBBER SIDE DOWN!

In conclusion, as my 8th graders say in any writing assignment to try to stretch out their responses, Tyler, You done good!

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