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Monday, May 17, 2010

Amgen Tour of Cali Stage 1

  1. Mark Cavendish--"If....I mean when I win today."
  2. Cavendish continues his Zabel fetish during insipid fluff interview on Versus.
  3. Coverage continues to suck for I don't know how many years' running now. Sir Phil keeps apologizing profusely about viewers not actually being able to SEE the race. Reason being-planes can't be in air traffic way. Doods we're in California! This is like the total CAPITAL of film and film-making.
  4. Ever hear of moto-cameras?
  5. Stage ends in a Crit because Americans have no respect for cycling, and thus we really can't ask them to wait in their big, gas guzzling SUVs, a bit til the peloton goes through.
  6. Dead car on side of road in area of crit finish. Rather than towing it- let's just put orange cones around it so all the riders will get discombobulated and crash. ( we wouldn't want to infringe on the civil rights of the owner of the abandoned car--after all this is cali)
  7. Tom Boonen and George Hincapie go down in last couple of Ks. Tom had be helped off the course by a buddy. Hope he's OK. Crit like finish=total hamburger fest!
  8. Versus coverage is 90% commercials, 7% fluff back stories/interviews and 3% actual racing.
  9. Jon says Cali always has good podium girls.
  10. Everyone says "It never rains in May in Santa Cruz." Well guess what? It rained.
  11. Cav wins...blegh. And all this stuff with his teeth? What did they do because his chompers still look pretty whack to me?
Can you tell I've had a frustrating week and it's only Monday!


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David Henderson said...

You are more than impressive on the bike, but best bike racer in the universe....... that could take a while to determine. I just saw a great picture of you and your bro in this blog: http://comocyco.blogspot.com/2010/05/day-for-garmin-cleavage-and-intra.html#comments

It was quite funny and I thought you might appreciate it.
Good luck with your racing. I look forward to watching your races (along with several million others).

David Henderson said...

oops, should have read your profile first. Sorry Teacher!