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Saturday, May 22, 2010

I say: Let the shit fall where it will.........

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about cycling, Floyd Landis’ revelations/accusations, Lance Armstrong and life in general. I have to admit I never like Floyd much even before he was stripped of his Tour de France victory in 2006. Like many of the upper echelon of the peloton I thought he was arrogant and kind of a jerk. However, today I wonder about his motivations in telling all of us 1) that, yes, he did dope, 2) He was NOT the only one, 3) naming names—BIG NAMES.

Well, before all of this hit the fan I read an article where Lance Armstrong came out and said he had doubts about himself this year. WHAT??? Is this the Lance Armstrong I have grown to hate all these years. How could he possibly come out publically and say something that seemed, well, humble. I had suspicions that something was brewing and that he was prepping himself for a shit-storm. Then he crashes out of the ATOC and then lo and behold Landis comes out with some shocking allegations. Although, if you are a realist they are really not that shocking at all.

Armstrong says he has nothing to hide. And in a way that is true. He can’t be stripped of his TdF victories due to a 7 year moratorium- kind of a statute of limitations. He could, maybe doubtful, but possible, be stripped of people’s respect, his credibility, his legacy and his current position with the Shack. I doubt that even Bruyneel, will be able to come out of this unscathed. Radio Shack will hardly want to endorse someone, however powerful, whose character is in question and perhaps even shredded by the time this is all over. My question here is how come, over the years so many riders have been forced to eat shit, while Lance’s shit-- nasty, illegal or unethical gets gold plated and shoved down our (collective-fans and pro peloton) throats.

I’m not even going to go in to doping in this monologue. I hope we all agree that is a non-issue here. I can’t think of anyone who is openly in favor of doping, yet some cyclists continue to do it. The long term health risks are unknown. The number of fatalities, heart attacks and other negative aspects are too numerous to count.

This is about Floyd Landis and why he has been chosen as the public whipping boy of pro cycling. Floyd is not alone in this public spectacle. TdF organizers, WADA, and the media have been quick to very publically accuse and ban cyclists for doping. Floyd, however has absolutely nothing to lose at this point. He’s already lost everything. Even his mom stated that if he did dope and lied about it he should burn in hell. Nice mom! Never trust a Mennonite.

I honestly believe that Floyd’s motives are not petty in this instance. I believe that he wants people to realize that in that era just about everyone doped. Folks who didn’t like Danny Pate and Tim Johnson (according to Adam Myerson) went to Europe and couldn’t hack it because they DIDN’T dope. That’s why they came back to the US- where both have been extremely successful.

I am a little scared about what may happen to folks like Dave Z. and even Levi in the fallout of all of this, but even so I say let the shoe drop where it will. Cycling has been giving a wink and a nod with one hand, and slapping folks upside the head with the other, with regards to doping. However, I also think that maybe it is about time there was a major shake-up, and maybe people like……Lance Armstrong and Johan Bruyneel need to be taken down a few pegs or even just…taken down. Like Adam Myerson, and I think Floyd Landis, I say let’s just burn the whole thing down and let the phoenix rise from the ashes. Perhaps this latest controversy will have the power to do just that. I will still be a fan. You probably will still be a fan as well. I wish Floyd the best and hope that his revelations help to conquer his personal demons.

I am too lazy right now to put all the links of all that I’ve read on this into the post. But believe me I have read just about everyone’s take on every perceivable side before I came to these beliefs.

A little part of me also hopes that Lance goes down in a blazing ball of shit.

PS: 5 mountain top finishes for the end of the Giro?? No wonder they dope.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Floyd, Lance, George? And those who didn't.....

2006--before the shoe dropped

.....according to Adam Myerson. Adam is a local boy who is a serious, top level 'cross rider. Super nice guy who is very friendly and has given Jon some good riding advice. I believe that what he says about Floyd Landis and his recent confessions are apropos, to today's climate of burn the dopers has merit. Even if you don't agree with Adam; it's an interesting read for a different perspective.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cuddles Gets in Fisticuffs.....

...with another rider in the peloton. Stage 12 Giro 2010.

Holy crap! someone really needs to put together a comprehensive list of all of the folks that have been smacked, bitch slapped, punched, had something chucked at by "Cuddles." Gotta LUV the Aussie! NOT! Did he get relegated? DQd? He is a freakin' KOOK!


"Punch-up in the Bunch! Giro d'Italia (Tour of Italy), Stage 12, 20May2010, 1.Cadel Evans (Aus) vs 128. Daniele Righi (Ita)."

Schwanger says it was a "back alley brawl" and it slows everyone down because "you're not pulling if you're fighting."

Cadel- My husband, Jon is trying to root for you, but you're making it hard man, real hard.

And then Pippo (Love my Hair) Pozzato wins the sprint finish? *Head explodes* Hope Pippo thanks Cuddles for the help!

Nice (Bike) Rack?

What's Andy thinking do you suppose?

ZOMG! Thanks to some random reader for sharing these priceless photos! It could explain Why Mick Rogers, Dave Z., and LeviBOT are 1-2-3 while young Annikin is 42 in the GC! Do I detect some movement in those chamois?

Notice how DZ Nuts resists the Siren call of large knockers to continue his warm-up. Well, Andy is younger. Maybe we need to get Frank and Jonny to stop catching carp long enough to give the boy some words of wisdom. photo below from @schleckfrank on Twitter

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A GREAT Day for Garmin!

above: Tyler Farrar (Garmin Transitions)
photo: Bettini

It's a GREAT GARMIN day! Tyler Farrar takes Stage 10 of the Giro D'Italia and Dave Zabriskie takes Stage 3 of Tour of Cali! I am happy!

The Only Way Amgen on Versus would be Watchable.....

If I still drank Jon and I could play a drinking game where we would take a shot every time Phil or Paul said "Lance Armstrong." We'd be hammered in 20 minutes. Versus coverage is virtually unwatchable.

Seriously someone needs to do a study and count how many times the name is said-the image shown-or in the MANY commercials we see Lance riding his bike on top of a CG generated globe.

Feel bad for Saxo Bank dood who broke his collarbone.

Is Andy becoming good buddies with Tommeke or what? Everytime I see the young Schleck he is yakking with Boonen. I just hope Andy can just say no to coke.

As for Giro- can anyone really get behind Pozzato? I just can't do it.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Amgen Tour of Cali Stage 1

  1. Mark Cavendish--"If....I mean when I win today."
  2. Cavendish continues his Zabel fetish during insipid fluff interview on Versus.
  3. Coverage continues to suck for I don't know how many years' running now. Sir Phil keeps apologizing profusely about viewers not actually being able to SEE the race. Reason being-planes can't be in air traffic way. Doods we're in California! This is like the total CAPITAL of film and film-making.
  4. Ever hear of moto-cameras?
  5. Stage ends in a Crit because Americans have no respect for cycling, and thus we really can't ask them to wait in their big, gas guzzling SUVs, a bit til the peloton goes through.
  6. Dead car on side of road in area of crit finish. Rather than towing it- let's just put orange cones around it so all the riders will get discombobulated and crash. ( we wouldn't want to infringe on the civil rights of the owner of the abandoned car--after all this is cali)
  7. Tom Boonen and George Hincapie go down in last couple of Ks. Tom had be helped off the course by a buddy. Hope he's OK. Crit like finish=total hamburger fest!
  8. Versus coverage is 90% commercials, 7% fluff back stories/interviews and 3% actual racing.
  9. Jon says Cali always has good podium girls.
  10. Everyone says "It never rains in May in Santa Cruz." Well guess what? It rained.
  11. Cav wins...blegh. And all this stuff with his teeth? What did they do because his chompers still look pretty whack to me?
Can you tell I've had a frustrating week and it's only Monday!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

ZOMG! Lance has doubts????

Is this really Lance Armstrong and not an impersonator????? Someone catch me because Imaboutta faint!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Andy's New Bike!!!!!

photo from Andy's Twitter
And he's still going to kick Levi's (and the Bot's home for the care and development of emotionally disturbed hamsters) asses in the Tour of Cali!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Nice and Not Nice

Schleck Video ala Anke =NICE!!!!!!

We tink you pretty, Frankie! You have the nice muscles! I like the nasty BBQ too! And Andy- he catches the big fish. Yes? Freakin Hilarious video! Too funny watching them fish all kitted up!

Vino in pink.....bleeeggghhh! How does the universe feel about this? I for one am displeased.

Poor Christian. Please send all of your positive vibrations to the Argyle Leader. Fractured right clavicle- goes in for surgery tomorrow. No more Giro for you young man! Especially no more Stage 3! Fer real though, this guy has had some bum luck with the Italian Tour. Last year in Stage 3 he broke ribs, pelvis, vertebrae, etc. Geez! Imagine a pro baseball player dealing with the sketchiness and danger that our boys in the pro peloton deal with on a daily basis!

The only consolation for this is that I will not be torn between The Giro and the Tour of Cali. Weird only one Schleck Brother racing in Cali- Andy. According to Anke Frank will be racing Tour of Lux.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Go Tyler! Boo Cuddles!

Call me crazy, a radical, a purist. Call me whatever you want. However, I am one of those who believe that the Tour of Italy should be in well......Italy. Feel the same way about le Tour de France. Since I don't really have a say in the matter I guess "I AMsterdam!"

I am delighted that young Tyler Farrah ( as in Fawcett)- Not Farrer or Farrar won today's stage! Awesome leadout by Dave "I like to chuck my bike sometimes" Millar and Julian "Kiwi Boy" Dean. Hee hee. This video never gets old.

Today's stage was pretty gnarly though. Geez! Versus lame commentators Gogo and Shwanger barely got done discussing one crash when another pile-up went down. Dear Holland, Could you please do something about all that road furniture?

Cuddles took the Maglia Rosa and did some ranking on the peloton. Says he never saw such a bunch of nervous nellies. Whatever dood. I really can't believe Jon likes this guy. He's actually rooting for him for the Giro.

The crashes were fast and furious. Saw many a buttcheek hanging out of a shredded kit. Also saw some crazy ass shloogs. Fave of the day- dood in a full Goalie outfit- close second- dood with a pink speedo who had no business wearing a speedo of any color.

Feel bad for Wiggo. The crashes definitely knocked him off the head of the GC, and I have doubts that he'll be able to make up the time lost today.

My boy VDV is cranking along. He tweeted that he was one of the many who went down today. Please no repeats of last year's Giro, Christian!

I hear the Icelandic Volcano may impact the plans to fly the riders back to Italy this week. Again, not to say I told you so, but IF YOU HAD THE TOUR OF ITALY IN IYALY YOU WOULDN'T HAVE THIS PROBLEM! So there's some flak about how big name teams like Garmin shouldn't be able to ride in their fancy bus while less distinguished and affluent teams will have to hitch a ride with some Deadheads in a VW Microbus from Amsterdam to Italia. It'll be interesting to see if that drama pans out.

Hope the peloton can get their acts together in the next few days and keep the RUBBER SIDE DOWN!

In conclusion, as my 8th graders say in any writing assignment to try to stretch out their responses, Tyler, You done good!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Vino as Silas

Above: Vino in his Opus Dei Outfit. He has that barbed wire cinched nice and tight around his thighs and is getting ready for some self-flagellation.

When I asked Vino about his role as Silas in The Da Vinci Code he flatly denied it and said that he blew his nose in my general direction.

Look at the pictures above and TELL me it's NOT the same dood! So now you know-- Vino is actually part of the Vatican's evil squad of henchmen known as Opus Dei. 2006 he plays Silas- 2007 he's busted for doping. Coincidence? I think not!!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cav, the bird, and Tour of Romandie

Getty Images

So Cav says his two fingered to salute was to "send a message to commentators and journalists who don't know jack shit about cycling,"

Well young Mr. Cavendish, if getting yourself pulled from the race shows that you DO know "jack shit" about cycling then my apologies because I just don't get it!!!!! Perhaps a course in etiquette from Ms. Manners is in order for the boy from Mann. What a classless ass.


Methinks the boy best watch himself lest his arrogance exceed his ability thus bringing him down down down.

On a lighter note- go VDV and his band of youngsters from the Argyle Armada. The Veedster's hanging in 16th as of today.

On a Schleck note. Still trying to think of a conspiracy theory for why Andy is riding Tour of Cali rather than Giro.

Also, trying to figure out how to set up a 2010 Tour Fantasy League. Anybody in if I can get it going?