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Sunday, November 15, 2009

East Coast V. West Coast (did I mention Mud?)USGP Mercer 2009er

Freakishly tall, classless, henceforth referred to as "Mr. Arrogance" Ryan Trebon (above) posted the following to his Twitter account prior to Mercer "You all know what lame eastcoast racing stuff I'm talking about, dont kid yourselves. Or maybe you have to be a westcoaster to understand" Let's talk about Mr Arrogance. Yes he won Day 1, but here are some personal observations. 1) I saw him peeing right outside his Kona van. Yes I did! And, there was a fully functional, lovely actual men's room facility less than 30 feet away. ewwwww! 2) When I approached him and said good luck even though you are a big trash-talker, he was eating some noodly kind of thing and his response was incomprehensible as he spit large chunks of pre-chewed noodles in my direction. Didn't your mama teach you not to talk with your mouth full, Mr. Arrogance. Barry Wicks was just in the van laughing. I *heart* Barry Wicks because he loves all things Harry Potter and Hermione in particular.

Adam Meyerson Rocks because he has kept the CycleSmart Verge Northampton Race up and running for 19 years! Jon also tells me that does a killer Cross workshop. He placed 15th on day one. Pretty good for a 37-yr-old geezer!

Above is Danny Summerhill fromm the Garmin Felt/Holowesky U23 Squad. Watch out for this kid! He was 6th overall on Day 1 and 1st for the U23s. Looked at his resume. Primarily a 'Cross dude, but has done a few RR and has performed well. Creepy sideburn boy is obviously grooming him for the pro team.

The dreamy Jesse Anthony didn't have a great day. 44th overall. Haven't checked how he did yesterday, but I hope it was improvement. The only thing I checked to see was that Tim Johnson kicked Mr. Arrogant's ass! I really hope this whole rivalry thing doesn't turn too ugly. Remember Tupac?

Now it's time to talk MUDDD!!! There is no way to describe Mercer mud, but I'll give it my best shot. First off, there are many variations in the mud on the course. Predominantly this kind; imagine, if you will, chunky peanut butter mixed with DW40, ground up grass clippings and earthworms. Yes, earthworms. The guy's bike (above) wasn't furry and brown when he took it off his roof rack. And that dude was only ONE lap into the race. The pros were doing A LOT of pit changes.

The other type of mud is more like quicksand. I inadvertently stepped into some of that when I was trying to scream at Jon that he was 12th at the time and needed to bridge a 20 second gap to the lead group. Luckily, I was wearing waterproof boots. However, as I tried to extract my foot from the glop it did come right off. The boot that is. It was fun getting it back on.

Above is Jon getting "Jake the Snake" ready for Day 1. Looks like grass doesn't it? It's not! It's grass floating on top of a sea of mud. I lost count of the number of cars, vans, trucks, and camels that were spinning their wheels just trying to park.

Funny story: The dreamy Jesse Anthony and his brother pulled in around noon. His little Honda or whatever it was immediately got stuck in the killer mud. Spin Spin Forward Reverse. His little bro and I valiantly pushed him backwards so that he could get up enough speed to get through the viscous goo. Actually, I wasn't much of a help as I was holding my coffee with one hand and pushing with the other. I did get a muddy high five though.

Another funny story: Did you know Tim Johnson (above) stays at cheap hotels just like we do? Saturday morning I'm out loading the car (part of my pit crew duties) and I see this dood picking up poop from a lovely chocolate lab. Being me I go over and strike up a conversation. Yes it was Timmy Johnson and yes he picks up his own dog's poop. He said he had to sneak her in and we talked about all the angles of sneaking dogs in to hotels as I have to do that with the pugs on occasion. Wished him luck and the dog jumped into my car. Told him she could come with us, but she decided to go with dad. GO TJ! SO HAPPY YOU KICKED FREAKISHLY TALL, CLASSLESS, MR. ARROGANT'S BUTT ON DAY 2!!!
Above- Troy Wells- The younger of the brothers was running a kiddie Workshop on Friday. We caught him showing the rugrats how to bunny hop the barriers. Troy did well on Day 1 placing 13th. Brother Todd placed 10th. On day 2 Todd podiumed with 3d place.

All in all a great weekend as usual! Unfortunately, we had to blast early on Sunday because Jon has a wicked toothache. I told him to get that root canal the last time he was at the dentist, but does he listen to me?

Now for my Lamo video production that encapsulates the spirit of the race, the conditions, and me booing Ryan Trebon.