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Monday, November 2, 2009

19th Annual West Hill Shop CX Race 2009

So this is like the longest continuously running 'Cross Race on the East Coast. I think there might be one that is tied, but I can't remember where. Correct me if I'm wrong. These dudes know how to run a CX race! We had a great day. Jon got 3d and can now upgrade to Cat 2, Jerry got 5th and this was only his 2nd CX race. He's a Mtn Bike dood predominantly. Paul dropped out cuz he was having a hissy fit or sumpin'.

I especially like the face plant at the beginning of the video. I think I am going to make that my trademark with regard to videography of 'Cross events. Here's a personal message that was sent to me on youtube RE: the face plant. Of course I said no prob!
Putney video
Putney video
So I'm from Cannondale and we're all stoked with your video. Reason? The dude who crashed on lap 1 is our marketing director and we can't get enough of giving him crap about it. Is there some way I can get the original clip of him biting it? We would put it on a loop and open up every day with a viewing!

thanks !


Next week it's back to the Verge Series in Northampton, MA. Week after Gran Prix Mercer Cup. Wooty Woot! Cyclocross season is the bestest!

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Alexithymia said...

Rory liked your vid? Get in there ;)
I'm insanely jealous of you since it's Mercer this weekend!