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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Probably the most unfortunate kit I have ever seen

So at the last few 'Cross races I have attended/officiated I have noticed a new club/team sponsored by Geek House Bikes. As our friend Wayne says, "That is a very unfortunate kit."

It's hard to really comprehend the hideosity of this kit, the abomination that is actually is through these mere images. Imagine about 50 people all together dressed in this kit, also wearing the hat below. At Gloucester in the pouring rain, they glowed like a nuclear reactor being handled by Homer Simpson.

At first, I was so shocked that I almost thought that I should like these kits. They certainly do stand out. Additionally, the fact that their bikes ACTUALLY match the atrocious kit is kind of cool. I even told an acquaintance who was sporting one that perhaps it would grow on me. It hasn't. Today, at Mansfield Hollow Cross, where I was scoring not spectating *sigh* there was a GeekHouse dude in the Cat 1-2-3. The last race of the day when the officials and the fans are a little slap happy. The dude was in a bit of a spring with a Hup dude. A spectator shouted, "C'mon man! You can't let that freak show in a clown suit catch you!" We all about peed our pants laughing! Very unofficial of us, but OMG! Look at this nightmare! I gotta get a close up pic at the next race of a few of them fully kitted with the ugly hat and the funny shoes and all.

Until then, let me know your thoughts on this kit. Retro/cool- that this fangirl just doesn't get? Or, the product of an LSD/Crack induced nightmare?


Jon said...

You obviously don't understand the irony. It does it's job well doesn't it. Look at you, what other teams are bringing attention to? The bikes look quite nice also!

...a concerned fan

Maggie said...

OK- Mr. ExpoWheelman I'm so cool, super fit etc. Your new kit looks like a diddly darn nascar outfit. I think you can fit one more sponsor under the armpits or maybe on the crotch. :P

BTW- "it's" is when you abbreviate "it is" Additionally, your third sentence? What's up with that? Read it out loud and get back to me. And, yes I know I wrote "spring" when I meant "sprint." Just being preemptive here- hope you understand.

Your loving wife

PS: I do still want a pair of the ultra cool orange Oakleys you guys are getting. DO NOT FORGET!

Marleen said...

It's not my favorite jersey :S, but it is cool that the bikes matches the jersey :P

BTW-I like your blog!

sansen said...

I still think Mapei of the Early 2000s was much worse; but as they are extinct then Worse Kit Honors can go to this over Fidea and Rock.