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Friday, October 16, 2009

Nick Wilson Memorial Bike/Skate Park

Nick Wilson was my nephew. He was EOD (explosive ordinance removal) for the U.S. Navy. I always called him the bomb sniffing dog. He was in the elitist of the elite units. They would go in before the president spoke anywhere if they were in country and make sure all was good.

He was in his second Tour in Iraq. Nick was 25 years old and passionate and an expert in his field. The terrorists had just come up with rigging Explosives to detonate with cell phones from a distance. Nick was approaching a bomb for disposal and a terrorist watched his approach and deliberately killed Nick and blinded his comrade who was behind him.

We've been trying to get this bike/skate park going for a few years. Many thanks to NIKE, the kid who wrote the essay and everyone who helped and contributed to this skate park. We love you Nick.

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