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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Me on a typical fall weekend

photo: Steven Yau
Hartford 'Cross 10-25-09

I'm the one with the clipboard looking all official and everything. Jon is the rider looking like he is about to cough up a lung. He came in 2nd in a field of about 30. Go Jon! He says he wants to cross the finish line with his arms up in the air one day. It could happen. Dave Hildebrand says it will.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mansfield Hollow Cross 10-19-09

Jon came in 2nd in his cat woo hoo! This is a super fun race. Kind of sucked being at the finish line all day though.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Probably the most unfortunate kit I have ever seen

So at the last few 'Cross races I have attended/officiated I have noticed a new club/team sponsored by Geek House Bikes. As our friend Wayne says, "That is a very unfortunate kit."

It's hard to really comprehend the hideosity of this kit, the abomination that is actually is through these mere images. Imagine about 50 people all together dressed in this kit, also wearing the hat below. At Gloucester in the pouring rain, they glowed like a nuclear reactor being handled by Homer Simpson.

At first, I was so shocked that I almost thought that I should like these kits. They certainly do stand out. Additionally, the fact that their bikes ACTUALLY match the atrocious kit is kind of cool. I even told an acquaintance who was sporting one that perhaps it would grow on me. It hasn't. Today, at Mansfield Hollow Cross, where I was scoring not spectating *sigh* there was a GeekHouse dude in the Cat 1-2-3. The last race of the day when the officials and the fans are a little slap happy. The dude was in a bit of a spring with a Hup dude. A spectator shouted, "C'mon man! You can't let that freak show in a clown suit catch you!" We all about peed our pants laughing! Very unofficial of us, but OMG! Look at this nightmare! I gotta get a close up pic at the next race of a few of them fully kitted with the ugly hat and the funny shoes and all.

Until then, let me know your thoughts on this kit. Retro/cool- that this fangirl just doesn't get? Or, the product of an LSD/Crack induced nightmare?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Grand Prix of Gloucester Day 1

Kind of a documentary I guess. We had a great time with Nikki, J-Pow- and tons of other awesome people. Jon is working on the Day 2 pro race right now.

Nick Wilson Memorial Bike/Skate Park

Nick Wilson was my nephew. He was EOD (explosive ordinance removal) for the U.S. Navy. I always called him the bomb sniffing dog. He was in the elitist of the elite units. They would go in before the president spoke anywhere if they were in country and make sure all was good.

He was in his second Tour in Iraq. Nick was 25 years old and passionate and an expert in his field. The terrorists had just come up with rigging Explosives to detonate with cell phones from a distance. Nick was approaching a bomb for disposal and a terrorist watched his approach and deliberately killed Nick and blinded his comrade who was behind him.

We've been trying to get this bike/skate park going for a few years. Many thanks to NIKE, the kid who wrote the essay and everyone who helped and contributed to this skate park. We love you Nick.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Even though I'm still not a fan

photo: Nikki
of Jonathan Page. Check out this analysis by Adam Meyerson from CycleSmart. Adam is a seasoned pro and a pretty smart dude. The "crash heard round the word" was a bit of a sucker punch by TJ. Adam goes on to explain why my boy J-Pow is so awesome and popular in and our of the peloton. J-Pow is just a classy dude. For him to pose as an airport ninja with this old broad gives him some points in my book.

Please look at "the sandpit" vid in super slo-mo and let me know your thoughts in the poll on the right.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Not a Fan

Well I imagine I'll get some flames for this one, but I just can't get behind Jonathan Page. The dude is a great 'Cross rider- don't get me wrong, but he's kind of whiney IMHO. Met him in Gloucester and he was nice enough, although I was of course rooting for my boys J-Pow, TJ, and Jamey Driscoll. Also my husband's buds, Ricky and Matt- who were lapped of course.

Anyhow, watch these videos in order. The first Jonathan Page disses the doods in Cross Vegas. Calls them Lame. The second shows TJ and Jonathan Page bobbling in the sand pit on Day 2 of 2009 Gloucester. If I'm not mistaken I hear the word motherf*****. Not that there's anything wrong with cursing at a 'Cross race. BTW- I seriously miss Monkey man who has been replaced by Gordan's Fisherman dood holding a giant flag with a picture of a goat head and a trash can.

Moving on the second to last vid shows Jonathan Page whining in the post race interview of Day 2 Gloucester where he was the middle of a Cyclocross World Cannondale sandwich between TJ and J-Pow- with Jamey coming in 4th.

Finally, check out the J-Pow post-race interview. His view of the events seems a bit more realistic to me. After all Cyclocross IS about bumping and grinding. Also had to stick this in because I *heart* J-Pow and it's always hilarious when he sings.

Let me know your thoughts. You know how much I value them.

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