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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Boom Boom Boom

Yes Lars Boom the man of the Golden Mullet is knocking my argyle socks off with his performance in the Vuelta. He's got the bike handling skills of a chanpion Cross rider AND the power of a GC contender. I'm floored. Yes, today's stage (4) was total carnage, a literal meat grinder! BUT, Boom Boom is used to that from not only Spring Classics, BUT from his incredible Cyclocross skills!

Put it this way: Jens Voigt has pure power, right? And Danny MacAskill has serious bike handling skills, right? Well if those two had a baby, it would be LARS BOOM! It would also be really weird if those two had a baby, not to mention the identity issues associated with having 2 dads.

The power of the mullet!!!!!!! Feel bad for Chris Horner. What a crap year he's had, eh?
That crash at the roundabout took out EVERYBODY! Unbelievable.
PS: I think the mullet is only for 'Cross season as Boom Boom seems to be sans mullet by my estimation for the Vuelta.

Now you must listen to this song in honor of mullet man of the Vuelta 2009---LARS BOOM!!!


sansen said...

Yeah, Dutchboy lost the lovelylocks/mullet/whatever-you-call-it-that-pleases-you because i reckon he's growing an Emo fauxhawk for when he gets all, uh, Emo this Winter about abandoning Cross because he was like so afraid of Sven Nys and Niels Albert but really shouldn't be but anyway perhaps Chris Horner needs a mullet transplant to cure him of his ill luck...

Maggie said...

No way is he going EMO- he's not pale enough.

Boom Boom also has no fear and will kick Sven Nys' butt at Sven Nys Gran Prix Sven Nys. As for Niels Albert...meh.