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Friday, August 7, 2009

Stage 17 TdF

I heart this picture. Don't you? source Look and Smile Please Look how Happy Andy is for his bro!!!!!


Lony said...

YES!!!!! It`s always nice to see that picture again ;-)
well, what I wanted to say, your blog really made my day!! I just happend to end here, and couldn`t stop reading! PLEEEEEASE continue writing! :-D Cheers! (and I thought I was the only one being annoyed by monsieur Contadors voice ;-))

Bianca23 said...
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Bianca23 said...

HI! I just found your blog yesterday and it makes me laugh so hard. Good to find a blog that completely suits me: against Armstrong/Leipheimer/Cavendish and very much for the lovely, cute Schleck brothers :) I love the way you write!

And yes, this picture is amazing and makes me smile a lot!!

(I deleted my previous comment, too many stupid spelling mistakes).

Anonymous said...

I think Andy is happy for himself too. I mean, he got himself on the podium in the GC that day.. right?
I also found your blog and couldn't stop reading. Now I've started my own blog with more pictures than text because pictures sometimes don't need a long description. Just like this one. Love it.

Maggie said...

Glad you like the blog. Any one know if Frandy will be riding eneco tour or tour of missouri? I'm on vaca with very sketchy internet. A lot of moose and porcupines, but no internet

Lony said...

hmm, as far as I know they won`t ride Eneco and nothing is sure about Missouri yet. MAYBE they will be riding Missouri tour, not very helpful :-/