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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Yes I am happy Voeckler won and here's why-

  1. Cav did not win. I wish I could find a picture of the little green leprechaun. His kit was hilarious today. For those of you who care "Green is his yellow." Additionally, gotta love this Cav quote, "If they want to win then they shouldn't race like juniors."
  2. This should really be number 1, but I'm too lazy to switch it up. Voeckler deserves it! He stayed in that break from the get go. Chapeau to Voeckler!

2. I always love it when someone in the break wins. It's like a hundred to one I ever get to see that.
3. The French deserved it I guess. I mean, how long has it been since a French dude won a stage of their very own Tour?
4. It's almost Bastille Day which I understand is a very important holiday in Frenchland, so what the hey- throw them some cake and let them eat it.
5. Cav did not win.

Allez Andy! Allez VDV! Allez Alberto!


Mike said...

I usually really like your postings but why do you have to be hatin on Cav?

He is a good guy! I can understand why you might not like Cadel, he has done some stupid stuff in front of the cameras. But Cav, he is super cool and is a very positive influence on cycling.

Maggie said...

hmmmm.....my hubby often asks the same thing. I guess it's mostly because I am just mean.

Others reason include:
1. Cav is a punk (a fast punk yes- but still a punk)
2. He disses other riders with his Manx Mouth. Ex: If the others want to win they should stop riding like juniors."
3. He is a liar. EX: He says he doesn't care about the green jersey- yeah right
4. He is a liar and a punk- EX: he says that he has no heroes in Pro Cycling. If that is true then why is he always snogging on Zabel when he wins?

5. I like Tyler Farrar better

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