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Friday, July 24, 2009


Sirotti via SteepHill

Everybody must get Schlecked.
So did you hear that Cuddles might sign on with Radio Shack? Will he be Lance's bitch do you think? Sorry to see the mouth from Manx won today. Even though he has NO CHANCE of getting green in Paris Podium. Also, some moron radio announcer called him the fastest man in the world after today's stage. HELLO! Who is wearing Green right now and who will be wearing green (with no stain- despite Cav's snarkiness) in Paris??? Thor- the God of Thunder- that's who!


Anonymous said...

"cough" team crapschack "cough"

David Heffernan said...

Yeah, Hushovd is definitely the deserving green jersey winner but teh Manx Mouth is the fastest and best sprinter. Only a tool would dispute that.

Maggie said...

Guess I'm a tool. I'm thinking Tyler Farrar is going to start kicking Manx Mouth's ass. Once Big George leaves Columbia and goes with Lance's team and we see where contracts are up and who signs with who. Cav's "fastest man in the world" stint could hit a speed bump. Where's Renshaw going to be next year anyway? Cav would be a non entity without the awesome leadouts he gets from his team.

And if he is the best sprinter I'll have to counter that by saying that Thor really impressed me in the mountains. Def a more valuable dude. Where was Cav in the mountains? Getting his ass dragged up by his team- that's where.

All in fun! Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Yours is just wrong :)

David Heffernan said...

Sure, if Farrar starts beating the Manx Mouth consistently then that would change things.

As for lead-outs, the Mouth won lots of races without lead-outs in his early days as a pro before T-Mobile fully realised how good he was. Anyway, Farrar has had good lead-outs and Hushovd started most of his sprints right on the Mouth's wheel. The best sprinter is the one who wins the races.

Hushovd won the green jersey not because he was the fastest, but because he was the most consistent stage finisher.

You talk about opinions but who was the fastest finisher in the Tour isn't a matter of opinion. The results tell the tale.

However, opinions are meaningful when talking about the riders' personalities. I actually agree with your opinion of the Mouth. He was totally out of order in his varied and numerous moans about Hushovd. He certainly should have kept his gob shut 'cos it was only his whining that made Hush ride to the 12 intermediate sprint points on the stage to Le Grand Bornand. Seeing as Hush won the jersey by 10pts you can make a strong argument that it was Cav's Mouth that cost him the jersey!

He also went on and on about Wiggins after their poor showing in the Olympic Madison. He was too happy with how Wiggins rode. I suspect Wiggins celebrated too hard after his two golds (he is a heavy drinker) and rode poorly 'cos of that although Cav never came out and said that. All Cav did by going on about this was alienate himself.

Anyway, bottom line about any sport is that it's all about the results - otherwise what on earth is the point.

Rose said...

Cavendish is a rude little dude with a massive attitude problem and a 10-year-old's mentality about what's fair and what's not fair. But I can't hate him. When he talks - even when he smacktalks - he's just so harmless and (dare I say) not all that intelligent.

He talks the talk, but then, when the going gets tough (as in, Hushovd cycles like a bat out of hell up mountains to grab intermediate points), he backpedals with a whole lot of "Yeah, Thor deserved it, I've been totally humiliated, he's a lovely guy, etc etc". But that said, his little stab in Paris wasn't lost on me. "I just checked and I would've won the green jersey after all if Thor hadn't stolen the points off me". Nice and sincere. Like I said, not that intelligent.

I do believe that Cav was the fastest sprinter and that he possibly will be the best ever. Yes, he has an awesome lead-out that no other team can match, but it's not that alone that wins him sprints. He utilises his lead-out train like no other sprinter (and that's due to their own shortcomings - lead-outs are there to use), and he's faster in the final metres. I don't much like it either, but there it is.

Maggie and David, I must say I'm enjoying your little discussion ;).