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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Pic of the day

photo: Allen Lim

Gotta love DZ with his blinders and earbuds on. He's like a flippin horse. All I need to see is a carrot.

 The race is on girls! I believe all of our young velociraptors had a very good showing. You def can't knock Andy boy's impressive 18th in the opening TT. But man it was hard not to concentrate on those twig arms of his. I'm seriously afraid Cuddles might snap one in half. Speaking of Cuddles, he came in 5th...blegh. Looked like he had a bit of a mechanical at the start. Maybe his mechanics can't stand him either and stuck a bananapeel in his ring or something.

The Lance show was certainly impressive. I counted 35 mentions in the first 6 minutes of Versus coverage. Then my head exploded and I felt better. Were there other riders on the course during Lance's TT? The way I figure it is this; he wanted to go first so he could have all day to tweet and give interviews about how it's not about the bike or something. 

Very happy with the Argyles. Wiggo in 3d! Woot!  DZ and DM 13 and 14 respectively and Christian in 17th. I'm here to tell you VDV is going to fly under the radar until the time is ripe. Tomorrow is a sprinter's stage so they say. But looking at the profile there seem to be a few climbs in there that the likes of Mouth from Mann won't like. hee hee.

Here's to Tour de France 2009 and the current Maillot Jeune wearer Fabulous Cancellara!

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sansen said...

Okay, be ready for bad mental image: I think Phil's having like an orgasm when he's watching Lance's cadence because he's so frakking excited and squealy.