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Friday, July 3, 2009

Maggie's Fantasy Team for TdF

If you don't agree with me- keep your mouth shut so I don't have to open the can!
  1. Alberto Contador (duh- and you know those tacky Astana duds will be coming off the minute he hits the Champs!)
  2. Frandy Schleck (both brothers count as one so my team gets an extra rider :P)
  3. Christian Vande Velde (but of course)
  4. Jens F-ing A Voigt (he will be there to offer wisdom and sometimes just to yell)
  5. Big George Hincapie (Can't have a serious team without 14 time TdF rider Big George)
  6. Tyler Farrar (He will be going for the Sprinter's Jersey and will smash the mouth from Mann over and over again.)
  7. Carlos Sastre (Loving the "dope" new Cervelo TT Kit)
  8. Dave Zabriskie (Really- how can you have a team without DZ? He can sing gospel songs to the boys as they trudge their way through the Alps.)
  9. Yaroslav Popovych ( I just so heart Poppo- he makes me laugh and is "strong like bull." He and Jensie will be the backbone, foundation, keystone, what have you, of my fantasy team.)


sansen said...

But what will you name this team?

Maggie said...


sansen said...

But who is the Captain of this team with the Olde Englische looking name?

Maggie said...

........a dilemma

sansen said...

I say give the honor to Jens since he is the oldest rider.

Maggie said...

I second that- motion passed! Jens FA Voigt is the king of the Olde English Team Sanhelmag!

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