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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It's On!

Whew.....I almost had to pull out the Lance VooDoo doll again. He was this close (as indicated above by Fabulous) to being in yellow today. Please ....if Johan, Levi, Lance and co. keep on saying there is no infighting on the team- I'm here to tell you they are big fat liars!

Look at the picture at the bottom of the pictures and take a good long looky look at the expression on Sir Lancelot's face. Thanks for bringing this to my attention Helen. Then look at the expression on Contadorus Rex's face! "Every picture tells a story- don't it?"

Now for those of you who still think that Andy S. can't TT- all I have to say is shut your piehole! He is currently 20th in the GC with only 4 stages (2 OF WHICH WERE TTs) So nananananana to you. Just wait until they hit the Pyrenees.

Of course I am also delighted that my Argyles kicked ass with a 5 MAN SQUAD in today's TTT! This was not planned. I don't care what anyone says. I've been hearing on the internet chatter that they planned to drop Farrar, Pate, Dean, and Maaskant. That would be way to risky and insane to be planned. My boys are powerhouses though and came steaming through. We now have 4 Garmin guys in top 15! Wiggo, DZ, Millar, and VDV! Go Garmin!

photo: Allen Lim

photo: Cycling News can't find credit

Look at the man in the upper right and then at the man in the bottom left. Analyze, compare, contrast, evaluate. Which one looks pissed off to you? And BTW- does the dude to LA's left look kind of like Rob Lowe or what?

On to the Crashes du jour:

Next, the crashes! They were spectacular and many in what Sir Phil coined "The Australian Corner." Smiley Menchov went down BAM! BBox Kapow! 4 dudes into the ditch. And the incompetent Silence Cadel Team had a nice crash as well. I couldn't embed it because it's in some weird foreign site that I can't figure out, but if you want you can see it on steephill.tv.


Fede said...

I think Astanas are really "big fat liars",as you say.They keep on saying that everything's ok in the team,but Contador didn't even congratulate on LA after today's stage.
Anyway there were so many crashes in the first part of the race that I was really worried about Frank Schleck.Fortunately Saxo Bankers didn't have problems with crashes.

Maggie said...

Right? Frankie is def a crasher. Love him, but it is what it is.

sansen said...

The Travelling Lanceberries? Cute. Well, then, who is the equivalent of Bob Dylan in the group then?

Maggie said...

Lance = Bob Dylan
Chris Horner would be Jeff Lynn if he was in the tour
Popo= George Harrison minus being dead and all
Levi= Roy Orbison Blind and also dead
Alberto-Tom Petty still alive and kicking and rock and rollin'