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Sunday, July 5, 2009

I swears to God Versus has created a new TDF Jersey

OK- so last I checked there were four jerseys up for grabs at le Tour. White- Best Young Rider, Yellow-Overall Leader, Green- Sprinter. All seen above on the lovely Andy, Carlos and Oscarito Freire. Below is the coveted KOM (king of the Mountains) or Polka Dot Jersey. Cool, right? I can wrap my head around this. Precedent has been set, etc, etc.

But NOOOOOOO! Sir Phil, Sir Paul and Versus have invented a 5th Jersey. I call it the Lance Bullseye. I swear to god. Phil just said that the jersey represents the position of Nancy Lancy. OMG! Somebody just shoot me now- please! See Below.

Glad to see VDV is still hanging strong in the GC, as is boy wonder Andy Schleck. Frank the crasher lived up to his reputation in today's stage, but got back on the bike. I hear conflicting reports. He injured his shoulder and he is OK. Which is it? 

Bummed Manx Mouth beat Tyler (awesome argyle) Farrar in the sprint. CSC and Garmin are looking good. My prediction that infighting will begin very soon within Team Astana which will probably break them. Sorry Alberto- you work for a bunch of assholes. Vino was especially obnoxious yesterday. Who is he like the emperor of Kazakhstan or something? 

Anywho- Let me please introduce you to the official Sir Lance TdF Jersey. Think it'll be on the podium every day?


sansen said...

Consider this: Livestrong, through some public relations firm, paid Versus to hype the Lance in its mission to raise funds to buyout the Astana mafiosos associated with Vino.

Rachel said...

Totally agree! Lance is nothing special - in fact, he's nothing at all. (Except overrated.) My brother and I were spouting off on the coveted Lance/Astana jersey for the longest time.

My legitimate guess is that whomever put that jersey in the spotlight wants more publicity. And, unfortunately, No-Chance Armstrong is the way to get that publicity, even if he has to connive his way to it.