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Monday, July 27, 2009

Dear AC, Save the Drama for Your Mama

Oh boy- I am going to be getting some hatin' for this post, but what should be said will be said, even if I shouldn't say it. Alberto Contador has lost his flavor for this fan girl. I am talking personality-wise, not bike-riding-wise. I have to admit that although I knew of the tensions on Team Borat, I assumed that most were caused by Mr. Super Ego Armstrong and his Guinea Pig Rescuing minion who is married to Odessa Gunn. Now, however, the other shoe has dropped. Literally, it fell off my foot and now one of the pugs is chewing on it.

Now you can look at the news from Cyclingnews and Velonews and draw some conclusions and ask some questions. First off, is this just sensasionalist sensationalism about the LA dispute with the sensational Spaniard? Is this just part two of the Lance dog and pony show? Or does Contador truly hate the man from Texas (and his own team)? After all he did deny Kloden's chance of a podium position as he played with the lovely Schleck brothers on the Col de la Colombière. Was this an innocent act on his part? Or, an attempt at world domination and screwing his own team?

Did you know that the human brain is not fully developed until age 25? I did. Let's all remember that AC is a youngster at age 26. The kid dropped out of high school to ride his bike for god's sake, so I think it's safe to say he's probably about as sharp as a bowling ball. So, like the Manx Mouth, he probably does engage mouth before brain is in gear on occasion. But if you look at this article of the press conference that was translated by someone WHO ACTUALLY SPEAKS SPANISH you might detect a different tone. Still not exactly a glowing recommendation of Lance, but not the "CONTADOR RIPS LANCE (a new arsehole)!" headlines of some other news sources.

However, and I can't back this with any evidence so don't ask me to. I clearly remember a Versus interview with Conty at the beginning of the Tour where he said that Lance was his hero growing up. So, if my memory is correct, then we can indeed accuse Contador of lying. Liar Liar Pants on Fire! Additionally, you can watch this vid of senile Sir Phil to get his insights on Contador's psychological make-up. Sir Phil works for the FBI in the off season as a serial killer profiler. The gist is that in Sir Phil's opinion (which is Lance biased and would marry Lance if Lance would have him) Contador is not a team player who races for himself.

Personally, I have lost some respect for Contador not so much because of all the soap opera drama. More so because I don't really like his squeaky voice. As for getting all PO'd because the silly French played the Danish National Anthem. Hey- laugh it off. They're dumb (and mean). Call me a bigot if you must, but What Danish rider could have possibly won? It was a stupid blunder, yes. But in the grand scheme of things- come on Alberto, you've won 4 grand tours. We all concede that as a cyclist you totally rock, so deal with it.

To wrap things up; this little soap opera is quite boring, but what the hey I might as well throw my 3 cents in. After all, it is my blog. Andy Schleck remains the best bike racer in the universe! Only reason he didn't get first is because he was trying to help his bro, Frankie.

Also, any truth to the rumors I heard wafting around the bike shop yesterday that Andy might join team Cheap Electronics that break in a week? I can't imagine the brothers separating and I can't imagine him riding in a support role for any one any more. But who knows in the world of intrigue that is cycling???? BTW- didn't Andy look cute on the podium?

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sansen said...

I would reason that there was much emotional cracking after le Tour when the Astanians came out of pelotonic quarantine so their words will be very hyperbolic so they arenot to be trusted until all parties have perspective although the Texan party may never have anything but delusions...