Whose Gloucester video is better?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Choose one and either make it your totem or your voo doo doll

Pixel People- check out Cadel's eyebrows!!!!! LMAO! Fabulous looks a little scraggly in this pic. Tommeke seems to be sporting a mohawk. Notice how the two on the end need to be placed as far apart as pixelly possible?

I predict an Astana implosion tomorrow. Anyone want to take that bet? Levi and Lance are going to try to start bitch slapping Alberto. WWJD? What would Johan do?

Go Schlecks! Go VDV! Take advantage of the unteamlymanship of the Astana roster. What we've seen so far is a thinly veiled demonstration of teamwork. Who will choose sides and what sides will be chosen? and what will the team do while Alberto dances to Victory at Ventoux and the Champs?

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