Whose Gloucester video is better?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Some news and vid ala Rina

Our sources tell us that Andy will be the Tour Captain for Sexy Bank. Hmmmm.......why not older brother Frank? Doth he crash too much methinks? Interesting dynamics will be at play in July, that's for sure.

Also have a vid we've never seen before. Enjoy- if you can understand French.


sansen said...

Okay, why does Andy always seems to sit on Frank's right?

And don't tell me it's Frank sitting on Andy's left.

Anonymous said...

Andy needs a nose job in a bad way. Think about how much faster her would be, how much more aerodynamic, with a normal sized scnhoz.

Rowan said...

I was very impressed by Andy at LBL. Good of him to cross the line so slowly so I could get this great pic of him... http://sites.google.com/site/tourletour/Home/other-photos

Maggie said...

Awesome pics Rowan- TY