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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Why Cav Should Return to the Isle of Shut Your Pie Hole

photo: Bettini

Cav is an arrogant jerk- read the following quote:

  1. Well Young Sir Cav....hmmmmmm........I would consider it disrespectful to leave the Tour de France in the middle to go and train for the Olympics. That's just me.
  2. Who the hell are you,  Mr. 24-year-old know it all, to be dissing other teams anyway? 
  3. Markie Mark- You should always be sure that brain is engaged before shifting mouth into gear. As evidenced by his half-hearted retraction below.
  4. Someone needs to take this dude down big time! Where's Theo Bos when I need him?? No, that's not nice. (but I still would like to see him get a Bos pulled on him.)
  5. Unrelated, but why can't Tommeke stay away from coke? I'm starting to think he might need some time at the Betty Ford Clinic.
  6. Also unrelated are IBD, or whatever the hell they're called, kits the ugliest you have ever seen or what? OMG!

Asked if he enjoyed beating Garmin-Slipstream, Cavendish hesitated before answering. "Sure... who wouldn't? Doesn't matter who was second; as long as we won, we were happy.

I do not heart you, Mr. Cavendish. You sir, are a jerk.
"I want to take this opportunity to clear up what I said yesterday. It wasn't [directed] at the whole team, just the comments by the director. The riders are really, really good guys. I maybe regretted [what I said] towards the riders, but what I said... I think a lot of people think that," he laughed.


Helen said...

I hope Millar/Wiggins threatened to smack him. I know he's still pissed at Wiggins for the Olympic Madison thing but man GET OVER IT!

Ugh. And i have to pretend that i care beyond the "its good for British cycling thing", except beyond that i wish it was someone else. Bleurgh.

sansen said...

Come come, pity poor Cavvie because he is still recovering from the despair of not medalling at the Olympics.

Maggie said...

He dedicated the win to Zabel!!!!! what a tool.