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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

VdV is optimistic about the TdF

Even though he describes the pain as horrible; something he would not wish on his worst enemy, Christian VdV is optimistic about starting the Tour de France. He also says that Garmin Slipstream will be issuing an official statement when all of the MRIs, x-rays, etc etc etc have been analyzed.

He sounded good in the interview he gave to the two schlubs who are commentating on Universal. A little Logey, but upbeat. Check out this interview from today.

Congrats to Smiley. And sorry girls I can't feel the love for Lovkvist. He just looks creepy to me. 

As I told Helen my pics for this Giro are:

Any order


sansen said...

Lovkvist is creepy? Oh, you just don't understand Emo peeps!


My envisioned Giro podium is Menchov and two Italians; if Menchov's in the middle then there'll be trouble.

Maggie said...

Believe me I understand emo. Lovkvist is not emo- he is sociopathic Ted Bundy creepy. I saw one of his listings on Craig's List and let me just say....eeewwwww.

Just kidding- you girls can drool all you want over the dude. I just can't get behind it.

Fede said...

If Lovkvist is creepy,what is the right word for Pozzato then?!? Of course I'm kidding,as crazy ancient Roman used to say: "you can't argue about tastes".
Btw,me's glad to hear that Vdv's optimistic about the TdF.Hope the pain will leave him soon.
Regarding the Giro podium,I'd say Menchov,Basso and Leipheimer (or Di Luca).Any order.