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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cipoo's Back! (Again)

So Super Mario is now the "Performance Manager" of the new ISD cycling team. I can hear the conversations now. 'OK boys, now it's time to hop on our bikes and light up a Newport." I'm just guessing that Cippo smokes menthols. Seems fitting. 

Cippo: brainwashing- err....molding the young minds of ISD

Here's Cippo giving some "Performance" advice to some poor shlub on ISD. I guarantee that he had something to do with the kit as well. What's up with the ribs on the back? Do they want to look like emaciated chicken boy? Why not make him "Entertainment Manager" too? Or, perhaps "Fashion Advisor?"

Funny thing is when Cippo came back last year it was to work with Rock Racing's Michael Ball. Talk about the clash of the super egos. My understanding at the time was that Cippo was going to work on setting up the European version of RR's roster of thugs and felons. I am just going to take a stab in the dark here and guess that Cippo and Ball couldn't stand being in the same room together.

ISD did get some good camera time with Leonardo Scarselli's suicidal breakaway. I'm thinking that Cippo threatened him with torture if he didn't get that ugly ass team kit out there for the cameras. Is Cippo above waterboarding? You decide.


sansen said...

Okay, if Cipo were Gringo he'd so be the style idle of New Jersey rednecks...if such people exist.

Maggie said...

If anyone in NJ knew anything about cycling that is.
Hey want to go to the philly race with us? June 7



sansen said...

Alas, I cannot come as: 1) Family member (Mom) who had recent knee surgery needs me around while spouse in Europe because my other sisters are not dependable to get errands done. 2) I will be focused on the Nature Valley Grand Prix.