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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yes- Yes, Andy Schleck is the Best Bike Racer in the Universe! Liege Bastogne Liege 2009!

First of all try not to look at the left side of the podium. Rebellin just manages to spoil the picture. Sorry Davide. You are a good rider.
 photo: Sirotti

2nd of all Among all spring classics, Liège-Bastogne-Liège, as well as Paris-Roubaix, is beyond all doubt the most coveted. Which is why Andy is biting the trophy- to make sure it is not some cheapo imitation. He's also probably very hungry.
photo Sirotti
3d of all- To all of you naysayers all I can say is NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH! You know who I'm talking to. Andy Schleck has been crowned, knighted, anointed (by Rina) and determined by a board of non-biased fangirls to be THE BEST BIKE RACER IN THE WHOLE DAMN UNIVERSE!
photo: Sirotti

Ahhh......so all of you trolls out there- guess what? Andy can Time Trial! He is a SERIOUS GC contender for the TdF!  Actually this is his attack, but you get the gist.
photo: Graham Watson

Now here is the Time Trial where Andy kicked major ass for a solo win. This boy is no one hit wonder. You want to dispute that? Don't make me come over there!

OMG- How can you not love these boys? Frank did appear to be a bit hurting today after last week's KO. However, Schleck the elder did soldier on achieving a solid 23d. Cuddles ( a fave for some hee hee managed to scrape together 16th. And people say he is in great form???)
photo: Sirotti

Brotherly Hugs *tearing up*
photo: Graham Watson

I declare this day, April, 26, a day for the history books. I propose a UNIVERSAL HOLIDAY from this day forward to commemorate Andy's serious NO BS win! This boy is beyond human!


Rina said...

This will be remembered for a long time. My husband rocks.



Sasha said...

The first day of a long decade of Andy wins. Give your husband a kiss from me Rina =D

Nina said...

He did really well ! :)

Rose said...

Those plebeians who doubted Schleck jr will be a tad chagrined now. What a pity.

And Cadellio didn't do too badly. He tried. And 16th is better than 17th, after all. To be honest I didn't think Cadellio's been in anything near good form, but if the experts say so... (actually, no, I won't believe the experts - they also said Cadellio'd win the TdF on like mathematical certainty or some crap, and WHAT happened there, pray tell? I'll stick with my own inner cyclist, thanks dudes).

But anyways, this isn't about Cadellio, this is about OUR BOY! I'm so proud. What a little champ. You know, he really wasn't looking at good form coming into this years Tour, but now he's on fire. Which may or may not be a good thing. Coz now he has a big red sign over his head that says "LET ME BREAK AWAY AND YOU'RE A FREAKING TOOL". He'll be hard to forget.