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Monday, April 6, 2009

What the hell?

photo: Susanne Goetze

Someone want to tell me what the hell that thing on the right is? I think I saw it in a nightmare once after some bad chili. Anyway, Congrats to L.L. Sanchez on his stage win in the Tour of the Basque Country (as we Yanks call it) 

I see Cuddles is in 10th. bleh
Frankie S. is up there. DZ in the 30s

Andy and Christian VdV are neck and neck with 60th and 61st. Did they crash? Or did that thing above jump out at them on a climb like a "shloog?" (in the inimitable Bobke's words.)

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Maggie said...

Someone please tell me who this sponsor is, so that I never purchase their products. They are obviously messing with DNA big-time!