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Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Speedy Recovery to Frank and Best Wishes to Miss Rina on her Impending Marriage on Wednesday

Andy:pre Amstel and pre Frankie Crashing photo by Serge Waldbillig & ap

Yes fellow fangirls it is officially the Chinese Year of the Crash. So many of our young soldiers have crashed this year. Frankie S. (SexyBank), Matt Lloyd (Silence-Lotto); at today's Amstel Gold Race and Daryl Impey (Barloworld) in the final stage of the Tour for Turkeys.

shhhhh- but I think Lloyd's crash may have something to do with the Silence-Lotto Suicide Crasher Conspiracy in an earlier Blog post! 

Thanks to Rina for these vids of today's Amstel Gold Race 4-19-09. Also many congratulations to young Rina and her beau,Schleck, the younger. I quote from Rina, "Hopefully your son'll be ready to wed (me on Wednesday").

OUCH- FRANKIE'S CRASH BELOW. He was on the ground for a while! Looked to be unconscious at first. This fangirl was quite worried.


Marleen said...

I was quite worried. That didn't look good. Luckily he doesn't have a lot of injuries.

sansen said...

And I forgot to get them wedding gifts...

Rina said...

It was surpose to be a surprise. But in this "familiy" we don't keep any secrets from eachother. - Haha you know what I mean!

Fede said...

Uhm,do you say "Happy Wedding" in English? Anyway:be happy and have a serene life together.
PS:Can I come to the wedding, please?

Anyway:I was soo worried for Frank! Luckily they didn't show the images of the crash on Italian tv,because I don't know what I would have done otherwise.

Rina said...

Miss Maggie look what you have done, people think it is not a joke haha ;-)

Busy with wedding preparations.

Tomorrow it will be said if Frank will ride Fleche or not. Fingers cross :-)