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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Goddammit Enough Already!

Anybody remember the line from one of the Monty Python movies that goes something like this.........?

"Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!"

This comes to mind because OP is starting to seriously get on my last nerve. Now we're going to have an ITALIAN TRIBUNAL decide the fate of the lovely Alejandro. Tribunals just scare me. They conjure up images of pits, pendulums, racks, and iron maidens (not the band.) Why can't we all just call it what it is. PICKING ON PRO CYCLISTS WHILE FAT ASS ATHLETES IN OTHER SPORTS CAN GET AWAY WITH MURDER!  (Literally in O.J.'s case)

First of all- let's keep it real. Until very recently, doping was definitely not uncommon in the peloton and was definitely condoned....on the DL of course. If you didn't dope you ended up like this poor slob whose overall time for the Tour was 571 hours, 22 minutes, and 33 seconds

We get it already all you hooded executioners and tribunal members. The guys are for the most part doing it au natural now. Move on.....GET OVER IT!!!! 

Start going Tribunal on some fat ass overpaid American Baseball players. Otherwise, I'm gonna get medieval on YOU!

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sansen said...

I'd love to see that annoying Chipper Jones caught cheating but that dumb ass Bud Selig who dresses like Barney Fife won't let such crap happen to his "baseball babies." Even Pat McQuaid isn't as incompetent as that guy!