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Friday, March 6, 2009

Saturday Silly Quiz 2

What did the Troll known only as "The Truth" call Garmin Slipstream rider, Dan Martin, in an earlier blog entry?

It's that time of week! Time for another asinine quiz to test your knowledge of useless/ful bicycling trivia. This week if you get the wrong answer, you will be subjected to The Harry Potter Puppet Pals. Believe me, you do not want to get anything wrong! Good luck! Again, a disclaimer: I totally ripped off this idea from bikesnob.

What type of vehicle did one of the scumbags who robbed Captain America drive PRIOR to stealing DZ's sweet Subaru Outback?

Why is Levi Leipheimer sticking up 3 fingers in this picture?

How many of the past 4 Paris-Nice winners are dopers?

What is Andy Schleck's fave place outside of Europe?

Why are U.S. cycling fans (particularly in California) such assholes?


Marshall N said...

So these "Californians" -- He is wearing a Montana jersey, and don't get me started on Montanans. -- are worse than French devils who smells so bad other fans make him keep running?

Maggie said...

Take a chill pill dude. Loosen up! I thought Californians were supposed to be all relaxed and mellow, homes.

Want to take up a collection to buy Didi some deoderant? I don't think he would use it though. Plus the devil is supposed to smell bad. Brimstone and sulphur dude.

Maybe we should take up a collection to get you some aromatherapy or something to help you relax? And how come your profile is blocked? Something to hide?


Maggie said...

Oh yeah- I'm waiting for "The Truth" to chime in any day now.