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Monday, March 23, 2009

Lance Breaks Collar Bone in Vuelta Castille Y Leon

Believe you me- I do not wish a broken collarbone on anyone. I broke mine when I was in 7th grade- skateboarding. My mama didn't believe me for about 2 days (spent moaning in my room) Finally, she couldn't bear the moans anymore and brought me to the hospital; where they had to rebreak and set it. Now, not only was I traumatized for life (which probably explains much of the angst displayed within the contents of this blog) but it was the most painful thing that has ever happened to me....EVER! And let me remind you that I have gone through natural childbirth. 

Anywho, Lance has never broken his collarbone before, which in itself says something about the dude. I have to say that I actually am gaining respect for Sir Lance (especially after he knocked syringe dude into the snow bank at the TOC.) 

Collarbone breaks do not entail the usage of a cast. Think about it. Where would the cast go? They give you this horrible brace kind of thingy, that makes your shoulders stay back. Sleeping is miserable because unfortunately in an unconscious state you have a tendency to roll around (usually onto the side of said collarbone) and then wake up screaming for vicodin. Or in my case children's Bayer. 

Typically, collarbones and cyclists take about 4-6 weeks before the dude can be in serious contention again. And if I'm doing my math correctly this is the end of March and the Giro is in May. I highly doubt that Lance will be in the Giro. And I do actually feel bad for the dude. 

I know that my fellow fan girls may not share my empathy, but I do wish Lance a speedy recovery.........BECAUSE CONTADOR NEEDS A WATER BOTTLE CARRIER! And because he probably would work for AC in the Tour. 

The Crash Scene: Graham Watson

Well that's all for now. Except for the fact that I'm pissed that cycling.tv is not covering this race. Does anyone know of a live stream that they wouldn't mind sharing? I would be forever in your debt.

Yours in fanatic fangirl fanaticism,



sansen said...

Well, this injury gives him an excuse for a comback during the Comeback to keep the cycling drama and intrigue superalive.

Maggie said...

I had not thought of that- excellent point!

Helen said...

Hmm for live feeds I just on cyclingfans.com and hope they post something my computer will open :P

And i do not hate him, nor do i wish a collarbone break on him, i just like to dabble in conspiracy theories regarding the Armada. And believe it or not i did used to enjoy watching him in his early tour wins, then even though he was still impressive it all got a little suspicious and samey. But i still have my Livestrong band and the only really i lost respect was because he just HAD to choose Astana and just has to indulge on playing games with Alberto Contador whom i admire oh so much.

Wow, i talk a lot. But owchies, sounds painful. In that case, i can only imagine the pain Mr Pereiro went through :(