Whose Gloucester video is better?

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Ever Cute Jesse Anthony

Jesse Anthony and Ricardo Van der Velde. Both quite cute IMHO. 


Helen said...

Jesse isn't cute, he's HOT. Van der velde is cute :) A potential tuesday totty if he gets himself in more pics.

Maggie said...

to a 45 year old, married, mother of a 22 year old- anyone under the age of 35 is cute. Am I creepy or what? Luckily, Jon can handle my obsessions. I just love all the guys in an adoptive mom kinda way :P

Helen said...

Haha! Fair enough. And bless Jon, good job really! :p
And yeah i see them in a totally erm, just kinda role model way? Don't want to stalk them at all... *cough*