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Friday, March 13, 2009

Andy Schleck Sightings

photo: AFP

Ah Ha Ha Ha! I psyched you! Above is a pic of Cuddles, who is about to do irreversible psychological and emotional damage on those poor little kids. He definitely smacked at least one of them- told them to piss off- and probably stole one of their stuffed toys. Anyone notice his wheel sucking in today's P-N stage. What a tool.

Kids: Please sir, may we have some more gruel?
Cuddles: MORE??!! You want more??!! Get away from me you dirty little urchins!

Now to juxtapose the two riders; below is Andy Schleck representing all of the powers of good and righteousness in the known universe and beyond. Is it me, or is their an aura of mystical, crystal light emanating from this bike god of the galaxy?

photo: Sirotti

Go Andy! Looking good my boy! Stage 2- March 12: Volterra-Marina di Carrara, 177k

photo: Sirotti

Stage 2 Tirreno-Adriatico March 12, 2009 Go Andy! I like those shades, dude.


Ilaria said...

"...an aura of mystical, crystal light emanating from this bike god of the galaxy": I must note down this! it's very well saying! <3

helen said...

Hehe at Cuddles. He was blatantly trying to wheelsuck LL Sanchez but he was having none of it and left him in the distance. He did a good enough suck on Sammy though :/

Woo Andy! Havent seen too many photos of him yet this year

Fede said...

You shouldn't post photos of Cuddles with that expression! I may have nightmares tonight! Fortunately those nice photos of Andy have improved the situation :)

teh EBIL 1 said...


Maggie said...

heavens to mergatroid- NOOOOOOOO

Maggie Hates Cadel- you added xtra letters

Maggie said...

Oh Yeah- I think "The Truth" is a Cuddles/Lance fan